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Winning design #72 by nanashangina, Logo Design for Collins Manufacturing (
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designed by nanashangina

Project description

In business since 1972 manufacturing equipment for tow trucks made of steel and aluminum. Looking for logos that incorporate a timeless, simple yet strong & elegant look that showcases precise engineering & innovation in addition to giving a feeling of reliability. Similar to what may be seen on car badges. Please include logo options that highlight either Collins as general manufacturer (using company name "Collins Manufacturing Corp.") or "Collins Dollies" (our main product or our own proprietary aluminum wheel - found on website - Colors silver, navy blue, white and black are preferred. Possible gold accent. American Classic font as currently used (open to other options)

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  • Thanks ProFreelancer, these look great. We need to use for variety of applications, can you update how this would look with different background colors (white, navy blue, silver)? #165
    • @christopher2 i uploaded the logo with black, blue and white background as well. You can check and share you feedbacks. And yeah the time is over you can select the winner according to your & your colleague's choice. Thanks. Best of luck :)

  • How would this look with silver "C" logo on black and navy blue background? #72
    • @christopher2 Thanks for feedback! I changed the design according to your wishes, but unfortunately I can not post them here. The status of the contest does not allow

  • Thanks mask17, this looks much better! Can you incorporate all the logos with different backgrounds into one? #175
    • @christopher2 Yes sir

    • @christopher2 ,time is over its not possible to post new design so if you select me then i will do everything you need ,thanks

    • @christopher2 would you please extend your contest time for once so i can give you some variations with silver in this contest . Thnaks

  • Thanks nanashangi, this looks very professional. Please include with this one the white background version so there are the two options using "Collins Manufacturing Corp" #72
    Also let's try a navy blue background
  • Another version with big wheel as separate. :) #179
  • Final Version with different backgrounds. Kindly check it. Thanks. :) #177
  • About #174, @Ba4le oke thanks,.......
  • Thanks Ba4le, can you update the wheel to look more like our aluminum wheel? Image link here - #174
  • Thanks mask17, let's try background color in navy blue instead of royal (with two versions, one white and one silver lettering). #171
    • @christopher2 ok sir

    • @christopher2 Sir Version 1 is ready please see this #175

    • @christopher2 sir version 2 i will post in few minits thanks

  • Thanks Neyzza, this looks great. Can you update this with an option of white background? Also with the gear teeth smaller. #96
  • Thanks mask17, let's try background color in navy blue instead of royal (with two versions, one white and one silver lettering). #171
  • About #171, Sir please check this ...@mask17
  • Thank you! I placed it on a white background as you requested. With a shadow and no shadow. #170
  • feedback please #169
  • Hi @cristopher2 I mistakenly added the previous wheel in the previous entry. Here is the latest version with your own requested wheel. Thanks. #165
  • Thanks mask17, can you provide option with logo in silver and navy blue background (also silver with black)? #76
    • @christopher2 i will post it ASAP Thanks for your feedback

  • Latest Version with your 3 Logo Texts. Kindly share your kind feedback :) Thanks. #163
  • Thanks graphman, can you try this logo on white background? #156
  • maybe half aluminum wheel up top #130
  • Thanks junifer, looks great - could you provide couple options with our aluminum wheel instead of the gear or half wheel on top and half gear on bottom? #130