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Thank you designContest, this was the perfect solution for a team who didn't know exactly what they wanted and were open to a variety of ideas so that they could visually see what they did and did not like. With the huge input from the designers on design Contest we were able to get a logo that the team is very satified with. Thank you!

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Winning design #335 by rillusion, Logo Design for colman prosthetics & orthotics Contest
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designed by rillusion

Project description


want a simple gender nuetral icon of person to 
We need a modern updated logo that will look great on all web & print mediums and will hold its own for the next 30 years.

(working with a team so voting responses may take some time as each sample get viewed by several people on the team)

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  • Hello So sorry didnt see these till just now :-) THANK you! #271
    • @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing Hi there, Kindly check #368 also with improved curve shape and different color and font option. I've submitted 10 different font options till now for your best selection. All fonts are timeless and trendy that famous brands are using. Thanks

  • My designs...please feedback #352
  • feedback please #337
  • feedback please. #336
  • feedback please. #335
  • feedback please. #334
  • Hi .... How are you today, hopefully in good health.
    I propose a new design, I hope you like it, I am ready to work hard to unda. thank you #329
  • Thank you so much the for the color samples. Would you be able to do me a huge favour and bring the grey leg in so that it follows the contour of the lower body? Also if you could provide us with a few more font samples such as serif & sans serif. thank you in advance for your time on this :-) #291
    • @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing Hi there, Kindly check #328 with improved curves of body shape and another serif font option, however I didn't understand contour of the lower body improvement.

  • Hello Sonia, We like that the ends are rounded! they are perfect, would you be able to give us a design with the grey leg following the contour the lower body more? Thank you kindly in advance :-) #322
  • It is blue and gray color. #317
  • Hi there,
    please check #309 #310 and #311 for new slab serif, serif and sans serif variations.
  • Hi Sir, please checkup and feedback for better concept. Thank you.
    Best regard #304
  • please check my design #295
  • please check my design #294
  • My designs #292
  • Hello I have extended the contest :-)

    are we able to get your logo with a couple more samples, fonts, colors and invert the leg as shown in the image 2 in the brief.

    thank you kindly for your time on this.

    Kara #223
    • About #223, @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing Thank you for the feedback. How about this? #290

  • alright the team likes this one cause it stands out! and they like that the limbs are not pointy but rounded. :-)

    if you can give us a few more variations with color and fonts that would be super. #224
    • @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing
      Hi there, many thanks for liking my submission. Kindly check #271 with serif font, #272 with grotesque sans serif and #273 also with sans serif font. you can check different color variations also. Fonts and color can be altered at any stage. you can also give your input for both. I will be happy to make any adjustments you need.

      I've added #291 also with slight change in some colors and with different font also.

  • Hello Sir Check And Feedback please... #230
  • can you take away the C and add a left leg in grey scale to match the arm? #198
    • About #198, @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing

      I want to add a replacement design # 198, but time is up

    • @PayaheDesigns do you know how we can get around that? OR do I need to extend the contest? I am so sorry for the delay there was a death in my family last week which effected me and my brother who is on the team decided on the logo design. We want to choose a winner on Monday.

    • @Colman Prosthetics & Orthotics Marketing THANKS

    • @PayaheDesigns hello I have extended the contest so you are now able to post updates. I have also added another image to the brief with a sample of how the Colman Partners would like to see the guy :-) I like that you have the arm a different color, so if you can give us a couple samples with the arm the same color and differnt as well with 2 legs that would be super. As well can you give us a couple color and font samples. Sans serif and serif. Thank you for your time on this :-)