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Winning design #58 by pandor, Logo Design for Colorado Canine, Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pandor

Project description

Colorado Canine provides private contract detection dog services.

Most people are familiar with "drug detection dogs" used in law enforcement, but detection dogs are used for many other purposes from arson investigation to bed bug detection (and much more). A quick google search for "detection dogs" will provide you with more background if required.

Logo will be the basis of the new corporate brand and will be used on print collateral, website, and apparel.

Logo can leverage iconic imagery of the Colorado mountains and/or Colorado state flag.

Logo should have some form of reference to a "paw-print" iconic reference or stylized typical Shepherd head outline (high ears, etc). The dogs we use most are Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds if that helps with inspiration. The Dutch Shepherd has some striking brindle striping patterns that may lend itself well to possible logo incorporation which we would like very much. Example included.

Color usage is fine as long as the logo reproduces well enough in two-color (or die cut decal) as well.

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  • This is great. At first I did not see the mountains but it is very clean and the details come out as you look at it more. #97 and #94 is great as well. #91
  • Could we see a version of this with the body position of #91 or #78 just for comparison? #91 body position is better by the way. #58
  • About #91, @pandor
    Hi, what about the stripes like the mountains?
  • Kindly check my entry
  • This is a great submission. Any way to modify the head to make it look more Shepherd like and less Husky like. This is a good bust but at a glance it looks like a Husky to some people. #74
    • About #74, @motosix soon, I will make improvements to the design as you wish, thanks ...

  • Thanks for the submission. This logo is too aggressive for our business. #79
  • Hello motosix,
    It caught my attention from the beginning this competition. But I came up with a concept now. I hope that is still valid participation of other designers. Mountain is the profile of a dog. Any recommendation is welcome.
    Very Best Regards! #80 ##84 #83 #82 #81
  • I am struggling with providing feedback with this #78. The elements are all there, but the detail is providing for a busy appearance. #40 is the very striking due to the simplicity. #72 is closer to the design goals, but not as immediately recognizable. #30 and #77 are both immediate and recognizable. Now I better understand why you chose to put the mountains on the sides for #58. I like the stripes but perhaps that is what is causing the most problems. I will think about this some more and see if there are any more suggestions I can make. #78
  • Deleting this comment and replacing with above.
  • Possible to do incorporate your #31 submission mountains with this body position? #72
  • About #77, @pandor

    Hi, what about #77 Thank you for feedback
  • About #47, @pandor
    I added Mountains around the dog as you wish
    What you think about it? Thanks for feedback
    • @pandor Very nice, although the importance of the imposing dog silhouette seems diminished somehow. Possibly you could try something along the lines of your #30 submission to incorporate the mountains?

    • About #72, @motosix

      Ok I will try something like that

  • About #72, @pandor
    Hi, I made a "sniffing" body position with tail up and head down. Thank you for feedback
  • Great submission. How would you colorize this particular logo? #70
  • I am not sure how possible it would be, but how about an attempt to get this style but in a "sniffing" body position with tail up and head down?

    ...but still facing forward as in this submission #40
  • kindly check my proposal ,,, dark red with shadow,, i hope you like #69
  • Let me know your thoughts :) #68
  • Hello motosix~ I designed a logo for your consideration that is clean and simple, and chose a rich tan and black color combination. If you notice the circle is actually 2 C's facing each other for your company initials.

    I designed as a vertical and a horizontal layout to give you versatility with the logo. The logo will be easy to produce online, in print for business cards, signage or for embroidery onto apparel such as shirts, hats, etc. I also created a mockup of an enlarged embroidery view to give you an idea of how the logo could look. Hope you like the concept.

    Kind regards,
    PaintedPony #42 #43
    • @PaintedPony This is a very good submission. Everything is clean and well balanced. Possibly the speckled pattern in the canine could be translated to more of a stripe pattern to see how it looks?

    • Hi there~ @motosix Thanks for the feedback on my entries #42 and #43. I revised the dog to have more of a striped brindle pattern. See what you think: #66 Thanks! PaintedPony

  • Please take a look. #48
    • @eacix Great submission, thank you. The logo is quite legible however unfortunately the dog silhouette becomes too small. Any way to help keep the detail?

  • try this sir.. if you like my design... #46