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Winning design #404 by zorn, Logo Design for Colorado Craft Tours Contest
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designed by zorn

Project description

We provide guided tours of craft breweries and artisan distilleries in beautiful Colorado.


UPDATE: We are so impressed with all of the creative designs that we have upgraded the contest!  As a result, not only are we going to guarantee selection of one of your designs, but we have added second and third place prizes that will be used on t-shirts, hats, and stickers.  They are all so good that we know we wouldn't be able to pick just one.  Thanks again for all the time and energy that you are putting towards this project!


UPDATE: We are so excited! There are some amazing submissions and we're thrilled to have such great choices. The mountain logos you've been submitting are great, but we know that we were kind of limiting in that suggestion. We'd also talked about barrels or an old fashioned compass, so if you have ideas along those (or other lines), we'd love to see it. I added images below.

     Also, please make sure that either "Colorado Craft" or "Craft Tours" is prominent in your design - it's the part of the name that tells people what we do! 

Thanks so much for all of the great work you've done so far.


Our present idea is to superimpose the words COLORADO CRAFT TOURS in front of a mountain range (ideally Pike’s Peak), however we are definitely open to suggestions or other creative concepts. Ideally, it will be a classic and distinctive logo design. It should have a Colorado vibe that will appeal to both local craft beer drinkers as well as tourists visiting from out of state.

We're looking for a design that can be embroidered on a hat and plastered on the side of a shuttle bus. 

Thank you for participating! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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  • Please check with the following font :) #466
  • Please check the following entry :) #464
  • Regardless, this is my proposal, I hope to meet the customer's requirements, and that is of its own liking #456
  • My other concept.
    I hope you give me some feedback.
    Thank you. #435
  • Very technical. There are no small and complex details that prevent you from applying high-quality embroidery #427
  • hope u like this #428
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    Another option
    Thanks #407
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    Please check my design and give me feedback
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  • Hello i've submitted my design at Colorado Craft Tours #372
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  • dear CH @ColoradoCraftTours , I hope you like my design #367 .....
  • Hi CH @ColoradoCraftTours , please see my new entries design at #355 #356 #359 and #360
  • About #354, @lule I`d like your comment on these last ones. Thanks.
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  • About #233, @rendesign
    Hi CH,, please see my entries, I uploaded the repair logo from #233, I have removed swoosh on font craft tours and I enlarge the font on craft tours , the entries at #351
  • My new concept.
    Hope you like it.
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  • Open for any edits, thank you! #325