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Winning design #125 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Colorado Cub Contest
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designed by jacondsign

Project description

Colorado Cub designs and manufactures small run custom parts for Piper Cub type aircraft.

Logo should include some reference to Colorado (mountain scenery or Colorado flag are both acceptable), and can be a play on the letters "C" and "C" if so desired.

Piper Cubs are iconic vintage airplanes with a graphic brand all their own. We do not need to emulate the Piper Cub brand, however being aware of the Cub logo and existing typefaces in that brand may be helpful.

A successful design will be clean and easy to reproduce in various means; from the website all the way to laser engraving on parts.

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  • Minor detail, but could I see this with a two blade prop versus the three depicted? #103
  • feedback please.. #121
  • how? #120
  • check this #119
  • Hi Ch @motosix ,
    I tried to fix from design # 86 with different design , please see at #97 #98 #99 and #100 #105 and #107
  • It is a small detail, but the tailwheel here is facing backwards. The original photo probably has it that way because the aircraft is on the ground, but for something that looks like it is flying, the wheel should be rotated 90 degrees. There should be many examples of what this looks like via Google, or I can give a better description if required. #86
    • @motosix Hi CH, thanks for the suggestion, I will refine this design again :)

  • Remove the N numbers (text) here. #86
  • Hi Ch @motosix , please see my design entries at #86
  • SIR,
  • CHECK #81
  • About #73, @lule
    Thankks for the comment, I`ll work on it.
  • Love the idea, but the airplane depicted looks like a Cessna and (unfortunately), when the name includes "Cub", the aircraft needs to be a Cub-like version. Would love to see another stab at this idea! #73
  • I can Upload any design you want, please just let me know what you like, thank you sir. #64
  • Hi CH @ motosix , please check my new design enties at #55 #56 #57 and #58
  • Colorado Cub (not Cup).

    Great entry! #38
    • @motosix Hi CH, I will refine the design to colorado cub, sorry in advance for errors in writing colorado cub

  • About #33, @rendesign -- Could the front tires be less cylindrical, and more balloon (round) in shape? The light line denoting the sidewall is great, but the flat top feels off. Tailwheel is perfect. Great entry overall.
    • @motosix Hi CH, I will refine the design to colorado cub

  • Let me know if you wish something to immprovemennts for my design logo. Thanks for your attention. #51
  • Dear CH ,,sorry, I just want the opinion of CH for the concept of entry #44 ? Do you like ? Or is there something to change?
    Please your feedback.
    thank you ..
    Regards ..
  • More round, less cylindrical. Otherwise, great entry. #33