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Winning design #233 by RodolfoMoura, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RodolfoMoura

Project description

The purpose of this logo contest is to develop the logo for a website ( but also will be the logo used on my company letterhead, business cards, oxford dress shirts, T-shirts etc. Crossover designers who develop both logos and websites are encouraged to compete because they may also be considered for the website. Some suggestions are: a prism design with full color spectrum distribution or solid colors utilizing additive color:red, green, blue and white or utilizing subtractive color: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. these suggestions are not meant to be limitations. Just ideas for your creativity. Finally the logo must be a simple yet distinctive, memorable and timeless, versatile, graphic, and appropriate in that the logo conveys the intended message and philosophy of the new website. It must also be sufficiently practical to look good and easily applied to shirts, ball caps, letterhead/stationary etc. as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions but only after making several submissions. I will do my best to give detailed feedback.

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  • With this design I just did the same thing but in the rgb color mode. But I also took the shine off the logo part but kept the light shine on the wording. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I changed the colors to cmyk colors. And I just made the wording say "". Thanks, Squewheet
  • a cute idea but is not something I see on a business card, letterhead, an embroidered dress shirt etc.
  • I just played video and realized the Q in your logo looks a lot like the "Q" in QuickTime player. I know this is probably not intentional but I don't want any letters from Apple attorneys. Please read my post all designers along with reviewing the examples I uploaded and new instructions and resubmit some new ideas. Thanks for your effort
  • please make the colors more vivid and saturated. please read my post to all designers today and review the examples I uploaded. Keep in mind the logo must not only look good on the website but also business cards, stationary/letterhead, dress shirts,ball caps etc.
  • Rodolfo your design keeps drawing me back to it. I see in my minds eye this logo at the top of the webpage and I really like it. I can see this logo on business cards, letterhead etc.I am having difficulty seeing this logo reproduced on an embroidered dress shirt or a ball cap. I reviewed your portfolio and see that you have designed logos for almost everything and have done a great job.please read the post I did today to all designers along with reviewing the examples I uploaded. What I would ask you for is to show how this current logocould be reproduced on embroidered shirt or ball cap. And if you don't mind submit a couple of new logos based on my ideas but using your edginess. Your really talented
  • Hi, About my entry #73 : I kept in mind you wanted a triangle shape but gave my own spin to it. I can still adjust colours or typography to your choice. Cheers, Robin
  • interesting approach however I am not sure how usable this logo would be on stationary, business cards etc.please read my post and review the examples I uploaded and resubmit if you are inclined.
  • you need to get more creative with your submissions. Please read my post to all the designers and review the examples I just uploaded. Thanks for the submissions!
  • please read my recent post to all designers and review the examples particularly the logo of another company in my industry and try to incorporate the hi saturation emitted color aesthetic into both of your submitted graphics.they're very simple yet seem to work well. You have done the best job of incorporating the CQC into your graphic. please expand upon it. And thank you so much for your submissions and hard work.
  • this is interesting. you can try to rotate the graphic clockwise to make it look like a "C"and it might work better
  • this is certainly different and shows your creativity but it doesn't work for me. Please read my post to all the designers and review the examples. I think you're talented and thanks for the submission.
  • too much text and the color spectrum runs from violent through red. I think your creative but this is not what I'm looking for. Please read my post to all the designers
  • please read my Post to all the designersand look at the example I uploaded of another company's logo and there color aesthetic. That's what I'm looking for here and don't be afraid to use RGB instead of CMY
  • read my last comment. I would like to see this style of work with a prism shape rather than diamond
  • Enoka if you don't mind put in a straight line underneath the graphic.FYI there was some guy from Israel who tried to copy your logo graphic. I was going to report him but apparently someone caught it on the website. please read my comments recently posted along with reviewing the examples I uploaded. I would like to see your diamond shaped logo graphics modified around my prism concept and how colorqualitycontrol is on each side of the prism.
  • TO ALL DESIGNERS: I have just uploaded some examples. Your wonderful work has caused me to reconsider the direction I was going, however I would like to see what you can do with these ideas. One is a rough draft graphic of a prism with full visible spectral distribution from left to right, violet through red. This is where I was going with my logo originally but this is really dull and devoid of any character. There are in addition two hand-drawn scanned images of a prism with different variations of CMYK or RGB. The last image is the logo of another company in my industry. I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING LIKE THIS LOGO SUBMITTED. I only am using it for the example of the color aesthetic. You will notice how the high color saturation radiates from the colors. They seem to glow or are emitting rather than reflecting the colors. for those of you who have been submitting Logos with CMYK only I do prefer to keep the black out of the graphic and feel free to include RGB with the CMY.
  • Your entry is copy of another designers idea/concept
  • in color science the visible spectrum begins with violet and ends with red. You have a pale blue ring before the violet that needs to be removed. The colors need more saturation and more pop
  • if you're going to use the color spectrum please keep in mind it runs from Violet on the left through red to the right.there's something about this logo in its simplicity that I like utilizing the domain name within the graphic but it needs more to be seriously considered