Columbus BSides 2018

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Winning design #85 by ccboy, Logo Design for Columbus BSides 2018 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ccboy

Project description

This logo is the 5th Columbus BSides Security Conference.  There was a previous contest, but we are looking for something cool this year.

We would love to see computer hacking elements such as the classic bright green text with lots of zeros and ones in the BSides Block Text.  Then incorporate one of the themes of Columbus, Ohio into the design. Consider adding anything that has to do with the Ohio State buckeyes, the city skyline, and maybe reference the state flag. Additionally, the state bird is a cardinal. 

Make it your own, though and feel free to get creative within these parameters. I have attached below the original BSides logo to show you that the "BSides" block text font cannot change, but every other aspect can. You can compare that to our logo from last year to see how different you can make the logo from the original without changing the font. Just to be clear, we are wanting a logo completely different from the one we used last year. Thanks!! 

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  • Can you make it 'Columbus' and not 'Columbus, 5.0' #55
    • @fatherofmaddog Sorry, I was offline. If you are interested this can be done in the final version.

  • About #66, @mark_bd
    Dear Sir,
    Thanks For your feedback . I uploaded what you wanted. If you need anything to be change please reply me. please check #110, #111, #112
  • With Columbus 5.0, if you want any changes or modification please let me know.
  • Thanks for your feedback about #66 & this is with "Columbus, Ohio 5.0"
    Thanks. #110
  • I did my best and hope that you are satisfied, thank you and best wishes.
  • Can you make the text 'Columbus version 5.0' #74
  • Can you make the State of OHio background larger and more proportional? #82
  • About #58, @mahdiduri37 Can you make the background image of the State of Ohio larger and more proportional to the State of Ohio?
  • Can we see this with 'Columbus, Ohio 5.0' or just 'Columbus 5.0' #66
  • What is the difference between 80 and 81? #80
    THANK YOU #96 AND #97
  • Silahkan tuan beri komentar pada design saya ii. Terima kasih. #91
  • Dear Sir,
    I hope you like my work. Please let me know if you need any changes. Thanks. #86
  • @fatherofmaddog modify the grid and add lock .... #85
  • Hi, i think this is better and i enhance it a lot from the best one which you liked, what do you think? thanks in advance. #83
  • See Revised... #81
  • About #80, @kalicodesigner This looks cool, but this isn't the Columbus, Ohio skyline.
  • Hi, here's another submission. #80
  • About #79, @Vesctor689 Please read the description. Not sure what to make of this design.
  • Please feedback my design; #78