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Winning design #108 by axel_sonnet, Logo Design for Columbus BSides Contest
Gold Medal

designed by axel_sonnet

Project description

This is to created a logo for the Columbus, Ohio BSides Hacking/Security Conference.  The logo should be made with simple colors (no more than three or four) and should be able to represent Columbus, Ohio and the BSides brand.

Notable information about Columbus; home of The Ohio State University, state plant/tree is the Buckeye.  Cardinal is the state bird.  Birthplace of Aviation.  The state flag is unique from all other states in shape and design.

BSides Logos vary from City to City, but they normally share a common theme.  Google 'bsides security conference' and look at images.  


The concept of BSides is like the B Side of a vinyl record.

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  • Please spell this Columbus. #108
  • Variation on flag shape #108
  • Variation on flag shape & discs colors #107
  • About #100,#101, Red circles have been scaled for a better balance.
  • Variation of my design:
    > Three colors; more contrasted , a lighter blue now emphasises the "flag circles"
    > The text"Colombus ohio" now follows the flag shape
    > Adding the tagline "security conference" #101
  • Variation of my design:
    Two colors. ( more contrasted )
    The text"Colombus ohio" now follows the flag shape, adding the tagline "security conference"
  • This simple, practical and charming, I hope you like this one #92
  • columbus #89
  • please tell me what I should add #80
  • About #78, @fatherofmaddog hello .. what should I add, what you love with this logo. What should I puree again or add a line or star star
  • This might be interesting #78
  • hallo...How are you #74
  • Same design with the exact colors of the brief. ( i think blue tint is better on other proposals ;-) #70
  • Same design without mentioning "Ohio" as the flag is explicit enough . It allows the word "COLOMBUS" to be bigger. #68
  • Variation of my previous logo with star all over the double disc.
    Feel free to give me your feebacks. I 'm available to work further on it ( even after contest close ). #67
  • Hello!
    Here is my design :
    Full vector logo, very catchy and corporate, it keeps the classic double disc and i integrate to it ohio flag with its red/white/blue circle with stars and red & white stripes. #66
  • This is probably the best representation of the city skyline that I have seen with all of the logos. #35
    • About #35, @fatherofmaddog thanks for your feedback ,, :)

  • There is too much happening with the pitcures in the logos. It almost drowns out the rest of the words. #62
  • Can you do the 'BSides' letter italic, like the original logo? That would make it look a little better. #61
  • columbus #37
    • @hypergraph I like this one, the only thing is that many of the BSides use the skyline to show the city. I will admit that I like that you included the river with this. This is a good contender. Can you make the color blue less dark and can you color the 'us' in Columbus red? Lastly, can you shrink the city icon to be just above the word 'Columbus'