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Winning design #225 by nicanics, Logo Design for Comfy Panda Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicanics

Project description

UPDATE: We are finding we like the designs with sleeping pandas the most, and pandas that are cute!

 The design MUST HAVE some symbolism of a panda, or bamboo, or both! 

We will be selling luxury bamboo sheets and bedding from our new website We would like a logo for "Comfy Panda" We are completely open to any ideas on this, the only thing we know for sure is we want a panda, bamboo, or both...what type of panda/bamboo in the design is totally up to you! We have used this site before and are familiar with how it works, so we will leave speedy feedback and change this brief to help point people in the right direction once we have a better idea what we want! 

The logo will be used both on our website and also on the package insert for the bedding sets.

Thank you!!!

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  • Hi! Please let me know your thoughts #341
  • dream sweet #331
  • Here is an alternate layout with the same typography and the same panda just different placement. Would love any feedback you might have for improving this design to better suit your needs #330
  • first try feedback please. #329
  • I use Microsoft Yi Baiti font for the word Comfy and Bradley Hand ITC font for the word Panda with different stroke points #322
  • Hello wilkins_paul,
    I noticed that you have extended the contest. I wanted to bring to your attention a new fresh design. The symbol represents the letter C of the bamboo leaves and inside the circle a panda sitting relaxed. Any recommendation for improvement of design is welcome. Best Regards! #315 #316 and #317
  • Please Check #313 #312 and let me know your feedback :)
  • I used the font Bradley Hand ITC for the words COMFY and PANDA with a drop shadow effect, for the word PANDA also use stroke points #311
  • I hope this design as you want. Cute panda was asleep. Please advise of you. Thank you .. #308
  • Here is my new design. Thank you! #304
  • Here is my new design. Thank you! #303
  • I'm sending my first design proposal. Thank you! #302
  • jmg
    Hi! Thoughts on #292 and #293 ?
  • What about my panda? he was not drunk, nor fainted. But he was sleeping soundly. : D. Feedback please ... Thank you ... #296
  • a pity this panda .. he. he. : D. okay I'll try again another. Thank you for your feedback.
  • how about this one? please comment. Thank you. #283
    • @halimpu_art Thank you for the entry. Not my favorite panda. He sort of looks drunk and passed out.

  • Feedback TO DESIGN ME PLEASE #212
    • @halimpu_art Hello, thank you for the entry.I feel like this looks more like a young puppy than a panda. Also, I don't like the bubble font.

    • @wilkins_paul Oh, I see? All right, I will create a new design for you. Thank you for your feedback .

  • Awesome thank you! Looks super comfy and adorable in the hammock. Could you please play around with the color. I do not like it in all black. Also, the left eye looks more open than the right eye. Thank you much #225
    • About #225, @wilkins_paul
      Thanks for your comment! Sure :) Will send new one :)

  • Another option... #266
  • New one.. #265