Commander Counseling & Wellness

I chose the least expensive contest and expected to have around 50 entries, and ended up with over 200! Very pleased with the final product.

$275 paid

249 custom designs

33pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #78 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Commander Counseling & Wellness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

This is a counseling and wellness center that will provide individual/group counseling, psychiatry, psychological testing, sport psychology, massage therapy, and yoga.

I am wanting a logo that is a badge/emblem. I like the vintage look. I also like oak trees, rivers, and mountains, but I'm open to different types of designs. If it looked cool, I'd be open to a nice design that incorporated CCW.  I'd also like "Commander" to be smaller font to make "Counseling & Wellness" stand out as the focal point. I'd like it to have color, but I don't have a preference on color schemes.

My dislikes are stereotypical mental health logos like brains or people holding hands. I also dislike pics that look like simple clipart, or look like something I could get for $5 on fiverr.

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  • feedback please #244
  • how? #243
  • check sir :) #211
  • Hello, @codycommander
    please check #191
  • Hello, @codycommander
    please check #191
  • Hello, @codycommander
    please check #191
  • Hello, my first proposal. Thanks #185
  • Hello sir,

    Can you give me more specific details about what do you want from your logo? It is very important to me to know if you want to remain simple or if you want to make it a little bit more detailed, what colors do you like or what font do you like.

    Thank you!
  • Hello, Mr. @codycommander

    This is my first entry. I tried to combine two vintage fonts, but also with modern touches with the silhouette of a tree. Also, if you want, we could incorporate the color of the background in the main logo.

    I'm looking forward for feedback and rating.

    Yours sincerely,
    Christian. #125
  • The painting in the logo is one of my basic design work in college. Hope you find it relative. #92
  • I really don't like the roots of trees, but looks good other than that. #75
  • I like the badge. It may look better with different color variations, like the leaves being different color. #8
    • @codycommander Thank you, I will make the changes and submit different color variations. Cheers!

    • @codycommander Hi, based on your suggestions I changed the color of the leaves.

  • Any feedback is welcome ! thanks in advance ! #41
  • Any feedback is welcome ! thanks in advance ! #40
  • Any feedback is welcome ! thanks in advance ! #39
  • The tree looks too generic. #25
  • The pic of the tree is cool, but I don't like the size of the font. "Commander" and "Counseling & Wellness" should be different, similar to entry #5. #20
    • @codycommander please check new colour

  • please check
    thank you #25
  • About #17, @indy.kila Thanks for feedback. i will make it.
  • 'Commander' like this?
    thank you for feedback #21