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The access to a wide variety of great designers globally-located increased the constant population of design ideas. Easy to set-up and manage, has a flexible user interface with helpful, service-oriented customer support team who are available across a variety of formats and times. The more you (as the contest holder "CH") positively communicates with the designers, the more likely you are to have volumes of great logos to decide among. This was an excellent (and fun) project-logo design experience for myself and our company.


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Winning design #746 by sankaridewari, Logo Design for Common Ground - IT collaboration Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sankaridewari

Project description

Project Name is COMMON GROUND. The project is for an energy company who seeks a project logo to represent an internal initiative focused on collaboration among the IT Developer community. Project colors (in any combination) include: green, black, grey, and/or red. Please use the words "common ground". Using the words "IT collaboration" are your choice. We anticipate using the logo symbol both with, or without the words. Thank you.

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  • about #13 Thank you, the red oval signifies the roller on the mouse, that signifies IT developer company...just tell me if you want any changes. thank you.. :)
  • Dear CH, thank you for your feedback on #12. If you enjoy the concept I would gladly make improvements, just express your additional ideas.
  • Dear CH Sorry about #57, the original color are #58 Hope U like it Thank & Regards Javed
  • Dear CH, Please let me know your thoughts on my design #56. The G resembles an on/off icon, and the letters overlap to form "common ground" Thanks! Greye
  • Dear CH, Please let me know what you think about my design #56. The G resembles an on/off icon, and the letters overlap to form "common ground" Thanks! Greye
  • Dear CH, My design #36, could you give me some feedback. Thanks, Hongxia
  • I redid the colors and font for #14 as you asked. You can see the changes on #34
  • Hye Ch, Excuse for my design #33 it says grounds instead of ground so i fixed that in my other design i uploaded #35
  • hi there! Version #26 is a revision of #10 with a green gradient and black and white version for you to consider. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!
  • could we see this design with the words "in energy company" removed please.
  • If possible, we'd like to see color somehow added (red, green, dark grey, black), the "c" the same size as they other letters...(also, we are unsure about this font.)
  • We have a color preference that has emerged - any combination use of red, black, green, charcoal...Could you revise the colors?
  • This design captures the nature that some elements are shared while other remain exclusive (which happens to apply to our project)...we're curious to understand what the red oval represents or how it came about in the creative process?
  • FYI - this is one of the designs consistently well liked by the team thusfar.
  • we are beginning to gravitate to color schemes with green, charcoal, red, black. Can you apply a color combination selecting from those options?
  • Can the blue be changed to green?
  • Please have a look at #188 . It has a difeerennt font from #169
  • Hi #180 and #181 - edited as per your demand. Please give the feedback. Thanks and Regards Rahul Shah
  • please look #169 and #177 and please post any feedback
  • nice colors. Can we see it with the words "in energy company" removed.