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Winning design #223 by kgb, Logo Design for Community Health Outreach Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kgb

Project description

Heath Care Organization (Medical and Dental) for Uninsured and Needy Persons. Any combination of colors is fine. Open to all design ideas. Need a professional, simple, yet sophisticated logo. One that will look good in color as well as black and white and reverse. We need a logo reflecting this organization's health care mission. They largely provide low-cost or free medical and dental care to the uninsured and needy in Jacksonville. Community Health Outreach provides primary medical care, emergency dental treatment, confidential pregnancy testing and options counseling, food assistance, baby clothes and other baby items for underpriveledged citizens of Jacksonville, Florida. It is part of an Episcopal Church Ministry.

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  • Hello Contest Holder. I submitted my design #44. Please give me feedback about my entry. Thanks.
    • I like this design. It is very clean. It may be a little busy, however. Is there a way to simplify it slightly? Thank you.

    • Hello. I submitted a little bit simplified designs #86 #99. Thanks for feedback.

    • I like these designs okay. They're simple and to the point. I like the cross too. Thank you.

    • It is a very clean design. I like it, but it does seem a bit busy. Thank you.

  • I like this design. It is very modern and fresh. I don't care for the text, however. Is it possible to provide a bolde text design? Thank you.
    • Hallo Chojax. I took your advice into consideration, and i updated my design #125, with adding a gradient into the symbol, and a bolder font on the text. Hope you like it. Thank you.

    • I really like this one! Thank you!

    • Please tell me about any possible changes you may want, or imagine, to make the perfect logotype for you. Thank you.

  • Hi Ch, I submitted my entry #29, I hope you will like, please give the feedback also. thanks...
    • Very interesting. Not too sure what to think about the green branch or vine, though. Thank you.

  • I need to know the logo will look right in reverse too (white on dark background). Please show the logo in reverse as well. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, I've made #116 and #117. I'd like to know what you think about them and if there are any changes that could make them more valuable. Thanks for your time. Edoardo Sandulli
    • Edoardo, I like the Florida design and the point on our location. The bars sticking out of the top and right side look strange, however. Is there a way you can incorporate a cross (like the red cross, but not necessarily red) into it?

    • Of course there is. I'll post the edit logo as soon as possible. Hope you will like it

  • Hi Contest Holder, Please see my entries #109, #110, #111. Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you very much! God Bless! _signaturefx
    • I like 111 the best. Thank you.

  • Hello CH Can you please check my entrie #113 , please give me your feedback , thanks
    • Interesting design. I do not like the font, however. It's too common. Thank you.

  • Hello CH.... #118.......#119 Waiting for your feedback....
    • It is an interesting design, but not quite what I am looking for. Thank you.

  • About #123 Hi Ch, Please check #123. Hope you like. Thanks Charmie
    • It is an interesting "people oriented" logo (i.e. hands-on). Very different.

  • Hi CH, Please check my entry #84..Hope you will give a feedback..Thanks
  • Bonjour, Hello, may i have a feedback for the #128, merci, thank you.
    • Looks good, but a little too complicated and relatively whimsical. I need something a bit more simple and able to be reproduced more easily. Thank you!

    • Okay sir, ty for feedback :) gonna do my best, promise.

    • Thank you.

  • Hi Ch, I submitted another entry #132 , I hope you will like, please give the feedback also. thanks...
    • It is simple and to the point. I like it!

  • Hi CH I submitted my design #143 and #144. Please give your feedback about my entry, thanks.
    • Both look fine. I like 143, in particular. Thanks.

  • Hi sir, may you evaluate this one #156 ? thanks, merciiii.
    • Not what I'm looking for, I'm afraid. Too plain. Any other ideas? Thank you!

  • Hi CH, I have entered #165. This concept combines the cross of Christ with the cross of health. Look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks, Ben
    • It is definitely interesting. I like the concept. Something seems missing, however. Not sure what it is. Thanks!

  • your entry is too much like entry 91
  • your entry is not your own work, the art is found here
  • What would a reverse version of this look like? Thanks!
    • Hi ch, thank you for the rating i really appreciate. plz check #198 and #199

    • chojax I am sorry but this design will need to be removed. I know you have it rated the highest right now but the problem is, the design has clipart You will not be able to copyright the logo if it has clipart. All designers are required to create the art 100% own work this entry is not. If you have any questions or need any help please contact us or myself Thank you

  • Dear CH, I've done the changes you asked me to do and I've submitted #195. I'll appreciate all your comments about it and, of course, if you have some other advice, I'll try to apply them. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, I submitted #194. I incorporated the image of two people hugging to form a heart (represents Support and Health) with the cross in the middle. Hope you like it!