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Community Ventures Corporation is a 30 year old non-profit community economic development organization. Basically, our mission is to improve disadvantaged communities through increased home ownership, small business ownership and large scale development projects. We have the ability to finance all three options. More importantly, we also provide counseling and other resources to make all three options successful. In a nutshell we want to be known for changing entire communities for the better by using assets such as affordable housing, increasing business ownership and financing large scale projects. Our best success stories widely vary. On day, we may help a single mother buy her first home after spending years in subpar expensive rental housing. The next day, we may finance an entrepreneur who needs $3,000 to start a carpentry business. Next, we may provide a multi-million dollar loan to a tornado ravaged community to rebuild a retail district. Then, we may provide a home loan to a person who earns a high income but is just looking for a home mortgage loan that is easy to understand and has a good rate. Our success stories and clients are very diverse due to the wide variety of services we provide. Along with providing loans and other capital, we also provide other services to make sure our clients are successful. For example, we provide home buyer education to all first time homebuyers. Home buyer education reduces the risk of foreclosure. Our goal is to make sure the home is occupied by the family for the entire duration of the loan. This helps stabilize the family. And possibly, more importantly, our communities are stronger when homes are occupied versus vacant. Vacant home attract crime and our neighborhoods images suffer. We also offer counseling, refinancing and other assistance to families on the verge of home foreclosure due to unemployment, subprime mortgages and other negative factors. We also provide counseling and coaching to all of the entrepreneurs who receive a business loan from us. We can even provide affordable office space in three business incubators we operate. We have not changed our logo and other branding in 30 years. We have struggled in this area because we are trying to appeal to so many audiences: - The clients we serve can come from diverse backgrounds: A low income single mother looking to purchase her first home. Or, a middle class entrepreneur in need of a $50,0000 small business start up loan. Or, a multi-millionaire in need of a $5,000,000 loan to expand a booming manufacturing business. The list could go on and on. - We receive funding from local, state and federal government. We also receive funding from large bank corporations. Our logo will need to present a professional image versus a social services agency image. We are a major player in the non-profit world that can be trusted with millions of dollars in funding. We want to make sure the image we project sends this message to our many funders and partners. In discussions with our long-term CEO and the rest of our executive team our wish is to obtain a logo with the following qualities: - We no longer want to be known as 'Community Ventures Corporation' or the acronym 'CVC'. We have decided to drop the 'Corporation' and simply be known as 'Community Ventures'. If words are used in your logo submissions, do not include 'Corporation' or the use of 'CVC' or even 'CV'. - We do not have a color preference. We are open to moving away from our current, red, black and white color scheme. I have noticed a preference for serene colors like steel gray, cool or vibrant green (NOT money green), cool or vibrant blues. We want a contemporary clean feel. We are open to a variety of colors and I will narrow down the field. Do not be afraid to be bold. - We are open to use of a symbol. One sketch put a cool symbol between the letters 'Community Ventures'. It said Community (symbol) Ventures. This does not mean that I want all submissions to follow this suggestion. Just providing an idea. We want to see a wide variety of concepts. It is also fine if some designers do not incorporate any art work in addition to the words Community Ventures. Again, we want variety! - We like a simple and semi bold font. - We are considering a tagline that says 'Building Stronger Communities'. Or something playing around the theme of making communities and people greater. - We want a logo and overall brand that will have some staying power. Nothing too trendy or gimmicky. We anticipate we will continue to grow and launch new products in the state of Kentucky and nationally. We hope our logo will be able to stay relevant as we grow.

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  • About #18, #22, and #25: Hi CH, I untilted the e's and took away the tagline, as you requested. Please let me know what I can do to further improve this design/concept for your company. I can try any additional fonts or colors, just let me know. Thanks! Patrick
  • Not getting good strong first impressions on the symbol. It is not off the table. Just not sure how to improve it yet. I will not eliminate it yet though.
  • I like the use of the darker gray. And the two contrasting colors. Is there a way to make the rings so they also include a few words? Words like affordable housing, business ownership, commercial development, food access. Maybe the words can make colorful rings that interlock or something.
    • Thank you for the feedback! That is a great idea I love that the interlocking rings would be segments of the company. You could use the rings with the words or even with multiple colors and without the words. One color would represent business ownership, one color commercial development, ect and the company would reflect for each branch! Let me know your thoughts if there is anything else I could do!

  • I still like the use of the surrounding hand. But not the tree. Can you play around with another symbol? Or maybe put the words 'building stronger communities' inside the hand? Or, somehow make the hand circle around the words Community Ventures?
  • I rewrote the our brief and noted that we recommend not using designs that use 'corporation'. I do like the multiple colors. I like the font. But not so much the use of people like artwork.
  • I like the green and gray color combo. I would lighten/brighten the color up though. Also, we do not prefer the use of a tree. I would like to maybe see the words. Maybe Community spelled out in green and Ventures in gray. Just plain words. Or, if you have another artwork concept other than the tree to throw in then feel free to throw it in.
  • Good change with the font. The next suggestion is to untilting the e's. Also, submit a design without the tagline. It will help us to play around with it using different wording.
  • Interesting! Is there a way to pull this concept off without the use of such 'bubbly' font? Also, we do not want to see any concepts that use 'CV' or 'CVC'. I noticed it at the bottom of your concept.
    • Thanks! Please let me know what you think of design #5. I changed the font so it wasn't so bubbly. Please let me know what I can do to further improve this design/concept for your company. Patrick

  • I like the concept of encircling a community with a hand. However, I think using tall skyscrapers with a house is a little bit to overdone in our industry already.
  • I like the concept of the encircling hand but not the combo of green and blue or the combo of metropolitan buildings and a house.
  • I do not think seeing shapes of people will appeal to us. Nice use of a tagline though!
  • Thanks for your submission. I revised our brief to state that we do not want to see designs that use 'corporation'.
  • Thanks for your submission! I rewrote our brief. You may want to take a look. At first glance, your logo did a good job of paying homage to our strong history as a housing agency. However, we do other things besides putting people in affordable housing. We also want a simple yet bold font. I hope you give our design another try! I do not plan to overhaul the brief. I may add a few small details if they come to mind.
    • Hi Roberts,thanks for your feedback... please have a look at #2 and review it... thanks

  • Thank you! This one has made our list of potential logos.
    • Thank you for the feedback! Would you like to see something specific changed on this? Or should i upload some versions of it with one colour only and perhaps another placement of the symbol? Regards Andrei

    • Maybe a version of one that doesn't have a shadow under the symbol?

    • Hello! I did it in a version without the shadow, please see #264. I also did a version in one colour of this design - #266 and another approach (one colour too) - #267. I also incorporated your tag line, which can be removed. Feedback is welcome. Regards Andrei

  • Nice work with using the 'C' and the 'V'. Thanks!
    • Thank you Sir, please let me know if you like any modifications to be implimented there. Best Regards. Aksara.

    • Hi Sir, I tried one more CV initial abstract icon, thaught you might like..... Please check #246. Thank You.

  • Can we see this in colors other than yellow or red? Avoid red and black.
    • ok but dont cant send more design for the limits. please give me more oportunities

  • As explained in previous comments, we want to review designs without people like figures. Thanks!
  • We have enough 'CV' type design concepts already under consideration. Thanks!
  • I didn't really understand the symbol.
    • SCH

      it is actually 2 hands in that one symbol (“your client received help from you”) which is symbolised the nature of your business, to help others :)

  • We will just consider 138. Thanks!