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Winning design #20 by DanaGraphics, Logo Design for Company logo design Contest
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designed by DanaGraphics

Project description

We require a Logo for our company name X8R Limited. Our strap line is Improved Vehicle Components. As per the strap line, we solve common issues with cars across all brands and models, we improve the design of components to last the lifetime of the car not the length of the manufacturer warranty. Logo could have a reference to cars but shouldn’t be too bigger reference, the main characterises are quality, we design all improved products so some reference to that would be good, we also sell these online direct to consumer so reference to online may also be good, logo needs to be modern but show quality of our design.

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  • CH, #7 is my design. any comments or improvements you would like, i will fully support and oblige. thanks for your time.
  • #6 has been submitted for viewing, if you see something you like or would like let me know, Thanks.
  • GJR
    Hi, I've just submitted design #4. I welcome your feedback and I am more than happy to make any changes you require. Thanks.
  • md1
    We like #10 and #11 we like that text incorperates what we do, references to automotive, automotive parts, parts design all of ths is good we would be keen to see more logos along these lines.
  • md1
    We like this, could you show us an example of this on a black background with the black text in chrome/ metal effect, we would like to visualise as a sign, where we would have the "X8R" black text made of metal.
    • Sure, I'll work on that and submit shortly. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like it!

    • Please feel free to ask if you want to see anything else...

  • maybe #24 and #25, but not sure for colours. I had a vision of the work that the label is in a symbolic environment, ellipse, circle, rectangle or box, but I think it would be a great mix of font. I'm not sure whether you are looking for two slogans Limited and Improved, or just Limited. I think the golden color might not be bad #26.
  • Hello CH, my entries are #39, #40, #41, #42 & #43. They have one style but different color combination. Hope you like the idea. Thanks
  • md1
    Hi, Thank you, could you do this making all of it flat (the gradients make the green tick look raised) with the metal in a mirror finish metal style?
    • I hope I understood correctly... Is #35 or #36 what you meant?