Compassionate Cremation Services

Had a great exprience until it came down to getting my design. Thankfully, DesignContest staff helped out greatly. Thank you Sharie!

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Winning design #222 by wasonosola323, Logo Design for Compassionate Cremation Services Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wasonosola323

Project description

We are a low cost funeral home specializing in cremation. We are looking for a professional and elegant flame with our initials of CCS. Maybe incorporate a dove if possible (but not required). We also work out of an area know for mountains so that can be incorporated as well. 

We are very open to all ideas so feel free to throw them at us. 

Thank you much! 

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  • hei #222
    • @wasonosola323 can you make this in olive color also?

  • We LOVE this. Can you make the color of this olive green too?! #222
  • compassionate and peaceful #225
  • Can you add a mountain background near the bottom similar to #136? #126
    • @nadroj6966 - Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Please see revision #220. Hoping you will consider it.
      Best regards

  • Dear Sir
    please check it. i tried to make combination of CCS initials in shape of flame , and spirit from within is starting new journey. Hope you like concept. Thanks #209
  • with a different dove shape, thank you. #204
  • Can you make a black and white version of this also? We are leaning heavily on this one #142
    • @nadroj6966 Of course, please check #191 #192 , thank you for the feedback :)

    • @Clushy looks great. Thank you! Good luck!

    • @nadroj6966 thank you very much, do not hesitate to let me know if there is something you want to improve :)

  • I don’t like the way the wing looks now. Can you make it less curvy? #192
  • LOGO for you..Designed to be what you want it to be..You must let me know if you would like to make any changes. #199
  • Designed to be exactly what you want ,If you still want to change a color or something else, let me know .

  • Can you have the tip on the wings facing backwards Instead of forward? #186
  • hai, in this logo , there was a flying dove which is combined with a mountain, also i added a track looking like (CCS) in the centre of dove (wings + body) based on your company name #190
  • Can you do both C’s interlock at the top of one and bottom of the other? #159
    • @nadroj6966 Please Check and Comment #183 , thank you

  • desain logo Compassionate Cremation Services
  • please give your feedback, because it's very helpful me.

    Thank you... #124
  • new concept please check & feedback please #119
  • @nadroj6966 Professional, Elegant, Serious Logo Concept. Hope you like it sir #110
  • check, please #107
  • sir, check, please. #105