Compras Espertas

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Project description

The name "Compras Espertas" is like Smart Shopping in portuguese language.

It's website selling only to girls - clothes and accessories.
The public age is between 20 thru 35 years old.

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  • Could you please take out the "watch" in the design? #46
    • @acc1507 I removed the watch for you in #56

  • Another pic I drew of a girl shopping, but this time I have added a circle and kept the text straight : ) #53
  • I drew a very stylized modern young lady with shopping bags with text in a circle as specified : ) #52
  • Hi there, thanks again for your feedback. In a circle of lettering as requested. : ) #51
  • The necklace has a shadow could you take out the shadow? // And in another logo could you put another necklace more detailed? #41
    • @acc1507 #45 I have taken out the shadow and added a necklace. #46 is another variation including earrings and a watch with the necklaces. I'm happy to make more changes if you would like.

  • It good. Could change the scarf for other product like a pants or other women accessories. #28
    • @acc1507 I've changed the scarf for pants in #41 and also made the colors to be like #23 as you asked for.

  • We have another idea could you change the hand by a computer mouse or a detailed hand. Also add the text "Moda Feminina & Acessórios". Tks. #16
    • About #37 #38 #39 #40, @acc1507 Please let me know if you are interested in a childish style, i'm sure I can do that. If you want to see any improve just let me know. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]

  • Could you use the two colors objects (inside the circle) of your design #23 in this idea. #28
  • Thanks but this is not what're looking for. #30
  • Compras Espertas new Logo #36
  • Compras Espertas new Logo #35
  • Could you make the hand more nicer or detailed? Is possible to make no so square? #16
    • About #16, @acc1507 of course, I design it just to look like a cursor and remind the clients to the online cursor, but of course I can. Any other change that you desire in the rest of the design? KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]

  • I can change colours to any you would like to try. I also wanted to show you that this logo fits into a square for avatars etc. Kind regards, Liz #20
    • @lizonil Hi! Is it possible to try another girl logo. Like a close from the girl. Like "she is happy and showing the shopping". Thanks a lot.

  • Is it possible to another type accessories and make the colors more girly? #14
  • Can we try with another girl? with a close? And shopping bags? Or Girls accessories? #10
  • The lady is small. Maybe if she became like 50% of space occupied, like a "close". And the the name "Compras Espertas" in the square is not so good. Maybe because it's too big. #15
  • Sorry, we don't like the type of letters. #17
  • Is it possible to put a frame or a circle around the logo? #20
  • Is it possible to put "Moda Feminina & Acessórios" like a circle? #18
  • Could you change the letter and if it's possible thy different colors? #21