Computer Service & Repair looking for a modern logo.

Everything went smooth! A+ I would like designer to provide the font or atleast the name of the font used so I can match the logo font with the rest of our documents.


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Winning design #49 by v_art, Logo Design for Computer Service & Repair looking for a modern logo. Contest
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designed by v_art

Project description

We are looking for a new modern logo that is print friendly used primarily for invoices, service tickets, letterhead & envelopes. You may De-emphasize the “Macomb-Oakland” and abbreviate it to “MO” with a stronger emphasis on "Computer Services" portion of the design. Incorporating a floppy disk or a another technology related component might be a good idea but is not required.

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  • I think more can be done with one. Maybe more complete/rounded like #22.
  • about #20 dear ch thanks for the feedback here is the revised submission hope you will like this
  • DEAR CH, here's my revision on my first entries. the main idea on the design is a circuit board, i hope i caught your eyes. thank you. hoping for your feedback.
  • The circuit path is a nice touch on #15. #13 has got the right idea, not sure about the droplets. #4 Looks great but the "MO" needs to be reworked. Making it look more like a hard drive might be a good idea and a edgier font perhaps. #6 Looks great but maybe the "MO" could focus more on computing somehow.
  • dear ch, here are my entries, #6 and #7. i hope to here some feedback from you. thank you.
  • Sudeep, No. 11 is excellent for a first design, however I am looking to use this at the top of a letterhead and need the logo and text to be on one "block" like numbers 6 and 7. I would like it to be more compact with more emphasis on "Computer Services".
  • About #11 Dear contest holder this is my first design as per the design brief waiting for your feedback so that i can work more on it.
  • #34 & #35 are really getting close !! #35 - Is wider, I like that and has better visability on an invoice. #35 - Real quick lets try using a blue color in place of green for the "MO" & the word "Computer" like #25. I just want to see a quick comparison of the two colors.
  • DEAR CH, i revised the old design as requested, and i gave it a new rendition, a more cleaner and stronger design. i hope you like it. thank you.
  • About #49 I made the blues much brighter. Has a nice clean feel to it. I can remove the gloss if you need for a flatter look.
  • thanks for the pleasant feedback CH. FineStroke aims to provide you a better and meaningful illustration sir, i hope you appreciate the thought. thank you.
  • Now that is more like it finestroke!! Remove the gloss on the top & bottom of the drawing to give it a better print appearance please.
  • Dear CH, here's another revision, basing from all your comments. i hope im on the right track. thank you.
  • Really a well rounded and nice logo. Needs something I cant quite put my finger on though. More flair of some sort.
  • The font you have selected is fine for the MO but your original design is better. The "O" needs to not be cut off as well.
  • The MO portion looks very nice. The wrench not so much.
  • This is a really nice design for letterhead but it needs to show more relation to "Computer Repair". Too Generic.
  • Please try a lighter blue like #25.
  • About #38 Thanks! I made the color changes from gradient greens to gradient blues.
  • Needs to be laid & more visible like #36