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Project description

We need a logo that works for two purposes, it will have two pieces that can stand alone and work together. We need to show that the focus of our company is always on our client (in the middle) the logo must have a strong balanced and centered focus. I am uploading samples of what we have currently....we want to stay on this same idea path, but are open to suggestions/new approaches as long as there is always the central focus. In the two files I've attached, you'll see the logos. Concentric 2 has the inner or secondary logo highlighted....i need the two logos to work together, but stand alone as well. The colors below are a well as the colors in the sample logo. Please ask any questions you need for clarification!

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  • I like this one....can you give me some more iterations of this? I still need the "logo" in the center to be able to stand also needs to have 8 facets or pieces arranged around a center. please reference the files I uploaded so you can see what i mean. If you still don't understand, please ask.
    • Dear Laura... I'm little confuse .... can you please help me with it by counting out how many shape you are finding in my current version. It will clear my confusion and i can move further

  • I love the artistic portion of this, but i really need 8 items branching off the center that are equal...but please try again, i'd love to see what else you have! Can you tweak this one to eight equal shapes?
  • Hi you have the concept right, but the shape and colors aren't for us, please submit another! Thanks
  • Hi CH, would you only like the logo to say Concentric?
    • No, I don't want the word in it at all, i'm trying to post logo samples some where but i can't figure out where to do it!

    • We have a design that looks like a flower or atom with 8 "petals" i need that reworked with a bit more added to it.

    • Hi Benjie - i uploaded some images, please take a look~

    • |--|

      laura1 {*wrote*}:
      No, I don't want the word in it at all, i'm trying to post logo samples some where but i can't figure out where to do it!
      |--| Hi Benjie - i uploaded some images...please take a look!

  • Hello! Could you please advise on what type of company Concentric is, and what its target market is?
    • Hi, we offer wellness services to our clients to improve every facet of their life, our target market is roughly people 45-48 avg age, half male, half female.

  • sorry - it keeps deleting designs on me...anyway, could you please work on shaping this a bit more, using a more organic white space, look at working the pinwheel shape or the atom shape into it, i've placed notes on their designs as well. i think there is potential here to merge a couple of these
    • Hi, I've added a bit of a pinwheel shape inside the colorful circle in entry #70. There's also a third "hidden" space inside the pinwheel that works on it's own too. Best regards, lstyrman

    • Hi, I made this idea into a more three dimensional logo in entries #117 and #118. The inner/smaller logo could be the negative space created in the big logo or it could be the pinwheel shape itself. Also the outer ring would work well on it's own if needed. Best regards, lstyrman

  • can you make this more fluid?
    • Thank you for your feedback. I'm not quite sure about what you mean by fluid. I made one version (#77) which has more movement and depth to it. I also tweaked the design to be more edgy and outwards flowing (#94) if that was what you meant. I also made a third version (#95) with a colorful circle with the #57-flower inside. This version could be split in many ways, tell me if you want me to show another splitting. The circle could also be used alone without the flower centre.

  • hi - i'm starting to like the layering more, can you do another version for me with layering? thanks!
  • hi, i like the transparency, can you show me more, perhaps without the circles, and i'll need 8 pieces inside and out. thanks!
  • hi - this is a little too cartoonish for me, but can you show me more?
  • Hi, this is looking too much like a little girl, sorry
  • I don't love the overall flower/sunny image of this, but i do like the idea of the two pieces per "leaf" could you work with that more to make it so they're more equal in size and overlay to make a new shape?
  • i like the basic pieces here, you have the idea down....what else could you tweak to make it more mature? I like the image on the right, could those be different shapes? how about the rectangles with to square corners and two rounded?
  • hi - would you please work on taking the shape (white outline or solid?) and putting it inside the design on 51?
  • Hi - I'd really like to see a version of 51 and 37 - I'm going to ask that both designers borrow pieces from the other to merge this. play with placing the pinwheel design inside the circles and play with the negative white space to create another logo...thanks! I'm getting excited abut this potential
  • you're on the right track with the pieces coming apart, thank you! now can you make it a little less typical?
  • you're on the right track, can you think of a more artistic approach to this? thanks for making is 2D
  • i like the layering, but i'd like to see something more artistic in the negative space that could stand alone.
  • First let me say I love this design and its two parts...however, my boss may not like it because it doesn't "point" more toward the center. I am going to leave this one active, but can you work on combining it with something like 37 or 49 - use the white space. thanks!
  • Hi - i feel that we're falling into a rut of recreating the same thing....please look at the link i just posted - a sample of many designs i like. Please explore negative space and think outside of a "flower" if you have to. I do like some of the flower shapes though. Thanks!