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Winning design #41 by shirleipatricia, Logo Design for Concerto CMS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by shirleipatricia

Project description

Concerto CMS is a new open source software project and is in need for a logo. 

The software is a webbased content management system that uses the PHP framework "Symfony" and tries to bring a better user experience than the "Sonata" project, hence the name "Concerto".

I'd like to have a very minimalistic monochrome pictogram, similar to Twitter, Apple, WWF, ... If possible, I prefer to have a violin, a cello or a grand piano but any other classical music-related image will be taken into consideration.

The logo should be horizontal, so the pictogram would be left from the name "Concerto CMS". The picogram should fit in a square to be used as a favicon.

Even though classical music is the main theme, the software itself has a very modern flat UI.

The pictogram must be delivered as a vector image so it can be rendered in any size.

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  • I don't like the font, and the pictogram is too large for horizontal use... #40
    • About #40, @mathieu Thank you, I will send it back with a different font and change the size of the pictogram. please see #73

  • About #71, @EdesignMK I can provide different color combination and different fonts if you like the logo. Thank you!
  • This is not what I'm looking for... #56
  • About #41, @shirleipatricia yes it looks great!
  • About #37, @shirleipatricia this looks great! The square shape and placement is much better.

    Unfortunately, the shape of the violin looks a bit distorted compared to the previous version. Can you correct this ?
  • About #29, @mathieu i Am very happy! I will make few another visualization or you.
  • I am glad of your opinion. I changed here another fonts for you. #29
    • About #29, @poetaa92 These look great, thanks!

  • I like the font and the logo. Can you try a few variations of the logo ?
    - Smaller radius on the corners, or without rounded corners
    - The piano logo in black without a box container #8
  • Still too much detail in the violin, I'm looking for a very simple shape #27
  • Too much detail in the pictogram, it won't work as a favicon #25
  • @matheiu Please comment for changes if you like the logo ;) #24
    • @Akhi1 Sorry, I'm looking for a more simplified logo

  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #6
    • @ah_can_do_it The pictogram is too complexe/detailed. And I don't like the font very much.

  • I don't like the font, and the logo doesn't look very convincing to me... #14
  • I like this logo, but can you remove the pixels at the bottom ? Just keep the circle with the piano keys. And I don't like the font #12
  • I like the logo, but the font can do better... #20
  • I like this one a lot! I'd love to see a small improvement though:

    Can you make the icon shape a square (equal height and width) ?

    In the horizontal version, the icon is placed a bit too close to the text. #17
  • I don't like the font and the logo is way too complexe/detailed #7
  • This logo is too close to the logo of Sonata admin ( #9
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #7