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Winning design #64 by vonryan80, Logo Design for Konnek Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vonryan80

Project description

logo is for a social networking/dating mobile app don't see what has been submitted already and copy, please be original needs to be colorful and bright, with personality - DO NOT FADE COLORS, FLAT ONLY needs to have a caribbean flavor - however that doesnt mean palm trees! reflect that feel in the vibrancy of the design and especially the colors. the logo needs to have rhythm. colorful but not too busy, something that will strike u when u c it. its a play on the word CONNECT, so bare that in mind in the design also. it is to connect people together so reflect that too think tropical colors! don't be afraid to put it in a box and play with it, maybe add a splash or shapes, confetti - be creative BUT NOT A BUSY DESIGN don't want it to have too much of a "tech" feel to it, needs to be clean but it needs to say fun no more purple and orange designs. its not fedex, please be original with your colors but think tropical or caribbean

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  • these colors don't fit the theme. but i like the idea
    • if you like the basic concept of the design, I will do the handover of files

  • too disjointed. also stay away from this chat bubble thing, its not a chat onlyapp, its more of a dating app as the brief says
  • spelt wrong
  • i mean enuff not snuff!
  • same for this
  • its a bit too techy, need a more lively font and these colors aren't strong snuff. when its tiny u can't make out wat it says
  • need more of a tropical flavor, this is too eurocentric
    • Hi, Please review #15 and provide your valuable feedback on it... I'll be working on more colors that suit your requirements. Thanks

  • just need to make this a bit slicker and different color combo. its on the right track tho
  • i like it, can u try some other colors
  • that makes me think fedex. the color guide in the brief is just a suggestion. please come up with a tropical color feel of ur own
  • too much going on now, its lost its clarity. tidy it up, lose the fade etc
  • yes i like where this is going. it seems a bit too "techy" a logo for the app, can you try and find a bubblier font and also play with colors - think tropical and caribbean. i like it but it needs more personality - a happier one
  • can u try turning the K at the end inwards
    • Hi, maybe like my design #9 ? thanks

  • sorry the whole concept needs to be scratched
  • i like it but its a bit lifeless. it needs energy, the color is not right for me either. try it with a box and two vibrant colors or some use of shapes, like a confetti feel
  • sorry ur on the wrong track completely. this look alike a logo for a router. colors are so wrong for what we need. thanks tho
  • thanks but way too busy and the colors and fade do not make it strong
  • i like where u r going with this - but not feeling the font. also don't feel the color, its more supermarket colors. need a caribbean tropical feel to it.
  • i like where u r going with this - try swapping the Ks around. also don't feel the color, its more supermarket colors. need a caribbean tropical feel to it. and it needs to be flat
  • u didn't read the brief?
    • Hi Ch, I did read the brief and I don't remember seeing the bold letters, not sure if you came back and edited the brief after I read it , or if it was always there.. either way. I apologize. Best Regards, David