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Winning design #119 by okdesigner, Logo Design for Connect2Auto Contest
Gold Medal

designed by okdesigner

Project description

We are seeking a logo for a call center or BDC(Business Direct Call Center). We are geared toward auto industry. We schedule and take appointments for car dealerships when they are working a event/promotion. Mail houses send out the flyers that contain 1-800 numbers that route to our call center. Our customer base is marketing firms, printers, mail houses and auto staffed event companies. 

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  • new desain
    this mode insial #57
    • About #145, @ramelan550 if you choose me to be a winner
      I will always be open for you
      and I will give free cards bussines

  • Could the headset & 2 be "bright" red. (Torch or Fire Engine Red) #162
    • About #162, @dts00 Yes, of course. Just because the time is up, you mind to see changes in this link please

  • new color #143
  • golden #126
  • 1 #120
  • Much better! can you use a darker red for the headset and numbers, change the 2 to be white and continue the fender of the car down so that there is a bumper with a small exhaust on it. we had a designer submit one like that but they withdrew their submission. #117
  • Could you take the flames off the car
  • Ok like this but we go two faraway from the blue. Ok Connect 2 needs to be in the blue. And then change orange red to torch red. Deep red.

  • Can we see this logo without the flames on the back? We like the "C" being the wheel but maybe just a bumper with small exhaust coming out. #113
  • Could the orange at bottom not on tack but under could it be in bright red?

  • Could the Circles be changed into a headset?
    • About #94, @dts00 ok I WIll Try. Thanks For rate and feedback :)

  • Ok I like white headset. Could u do a bright red headset #73
  • Ok I like white headset. Could u do a bright red headset #73
  • Feedback Me #98
  • @dts00, please check my design concept, thankyou #95
  • dsf #92
  • dfs #91
  • I do like this how could we get Call Center reflected in this?
  • Like this could we tie in call center? #90
  • @dts00, please check my design thankyou ;) #89