Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology

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Winning design #77 by chrystal, Logo Design for Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology Contest
Gold Medal

designed by chrystal

Project description

We want to update our logo to one that is more modern, but still looks professional. We want to display our full name: "The Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology", and to use the letters "CSPP" in some new and interesting way (not just plain block letters, but some kind of graphic design). We like the size of our current logo -- it looks good on a brochure and our letterhead. Using the symbol for psychology would be good, but not essential. Try being creative with colors, so it can pop out at you in a brochure. To see it and some other logos we like, click on "Example files" below. To learn more about our organization, visit our website: and click on "Home", then "About Us". We loved the winning design that your contest came up with for Nudge (to see the nudge logo, please look here:

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  • Dear CH, please take a look at my submission #1. Please give any feedback to improve the design. Thank you!
  • Let's try a border around this one too, and darker letters for CSPP.
  • I'm liking this one more and more... Let's try framing it in some border.
  • We're getting there! Try making the psych symbol smaller.
  • Much better!Now, let's try playing around with the letter CSPP in a darker color, and maybe going around the top of the circkle, with the full name on the bottom.
  • Can you eliminate the picture and the dots, and play around with some vibrant colors?
  • That's better! Let's see what it looks like without the state outline, and with some vibrant colors.
  • Not really sleek enough. It would be good to have it more compact - maybe putting the CSPP around the state or even in it??
  • I like the use of Connecticut's outline, but I'm not crazy about the heads. Can you play around with putting in the symbol for psychology?
  • I like the letters, but not the question mark. Can you try a graphic that somehow indicates looking inward?
  • Not sleek enough, and the heads look like aliens.
  • The head looks a little bit like an alien. Can you try having two normal-looking heads facing each other?
    • Sure, I will work on that and provide you with an update

    • The heads still look too much like aliens, but the ones facing each other are better than the others.

  • Dear CH, Please take a look at my designs #3 and #4 I have made some changes, please give feedback, thank you.
  • The crystal doesn't really represent us or what we do. Can you come up with a design that somehow indicates that we help people look inside themselves, to understand how their past is still influencing them today?
  • Best one so far, but it's not very differ from our current logo (see the Example file). Please play with various ways to form the letters CSPP into a design of some kind, if possible. Thank you.
    • Hi and thank you for your comments. Could you please be so kind and give me an example of "various ways to form the letters CSPP into a design of some kind". Thank you.

    • Sorry - I just discovered these comments. I love you own logo, that's what I mean by a design with the letters!

  • This is a great entry! Please play around with some other color schemes -- it's a bit too blue and monochromatic. Thanks.
    • Of course, is there any colour do you like to see on this design?

  • I really like the lettering on the bottom, but it seems redundant to have our name ontop too. Please see what you can do to to simplify this design. Could you possibly put the faces into the P's on the bottom, and eliminate the top circle altogether?
    • thank you for your feed back, it was based on thinking that you may use the circle logo or the letters logo on the bottom separately. And yes, I'll do some changes as you suggested.

  • It was a good try, but I think the butterfly just isn't the right symbol for us. Can you try something similar, but with the psychology symbol instead of the butterfly?
  • I like this concept, but please try to: 1. make it more colorful 2. have more of the outside of the butterfly wings showing 3. put a border around it Thank you!
  • I just noticed how nice the letters are -- they almost glow! Can you put a border around this one, please?