Connection Tango

Ivarssod was great to work with. A very nice artist and accommodating to all of the small tweak I requested. Very happy with the final output. Thank you!

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Winning design #84 by Ivarssod, Logo Design for Connection Tango Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Ivarssod

Project description

My dance partner and I provide group lessons, private lessons, performances, and events in Argentine Tango. 

We would like our logo to include the following:

  • Brand Name: "Connection Tango" - we would like this to be in easily readable cursive writing so that the letters "connect"
  • Tag Line: "Vení, bailá, volá!" - This means "Come, dance and fly!" in Spanish. This font can be in a clean print font. 
  • A Pictoral Mark: We are open to creative ideas but we are thinking the image should be line art (like Picasso's line art) of two tango dancers. 
  • Optional: If you can somehow subtly incorporate a feather into the logo we would like that but it is not necessary. We don't want it to be a focal point of the logo but it has a special meaning to us.
  • Colors: Either Black, Grey, Red or Purple. Would prefer to have only one or two colors. Open to ideas.

We have a few pictures we have shared for some inspiration in the attached PDF file. 

You can also check out our facebook and instagram pages to get a feel for us:

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