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Winning design #63 by operhal, Logo Design for Conservation Careers Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

I need a logo for a new website helping professionals working to conserve the environment around the globe. I'm looking for a logo that will work well as a website banner and has a square format for Facebook / Twitter icons etc. I want it to be fresh, clean, modern and distinctive. You can view my site in development here: You'll see I like owls - if you choose to use this element, please use a Barn Owl (google it). Dont' feel the need to use an owl though - I'm really looking for creativity. I also like the subtle use of primary colors (like the google logo) but green might be a key element for an environmental website. Please also see my google+ album and read my comments in each image to see my research ideas. However, do feel free to surprise me with a great idea I've not thought of!

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  • I like what you've done here - much better thanks. I'm not sure the text works, and wonder if you could use a few colours like in I don't want the owl to be a rainbow, but something beyond green might be nice.
    • Hello, please view my modification #14 and thank you!

  • Thanks Saule - I like this but it feels a little dark. Is there any way you can freshen / lighten it up a little?
    • Hi Nick. I have made some changes. Please check it #12, #13, and thanks for feedback.

    • Thanks Saule - I've added feedback on the green image. Best, Nick

  • Nice work - it's better than the darker version. Perhaps you could bring out the word "Careers" more - make it bigger and bolder? It's a little small at the moment and I worry it won't be visible in a small format. Thanks again. Nick
  • Hello! I've submitted #5 and #6 and would really appreciate any feedback/thoughts. Thank you very much!
    • Hi there, thanks for your ideas. You've got a Barn Owl which is nice. However, I feel it's too detailed and perhaps traditional. I'm looking for something more modern, minimalist and striking. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you for the feedback! I will keep this in mind.

    • You're very welcome - and thanks for your work!

    • Hello again! I have submitted design #11 and would appreciate your feedback again, thank you!

    • Thanks - I've added feedback on the image. Nice work.

  • Hello CH, About entry #2: The concept here is to use the initials "CC" as the shape of the owl's head in profile. The profile angle is rarely used with owls making it unique to your brand, and adds a "forward-looking" aspect to the image that implies getting things done. Hope you like it.
    • Thanks vfdez. I like your minimalist design.

  • Hello CH, I submited #60 , waiting for your feedback. Regards,
    • |--|

      orideja {*wrote*}:
      Hello CH, I submited #60 , waiting for your feedback. Regards,
      |--| Thank Orideja - it's not really what I'm looking for. Sorry. Nick

  • Guys - if anyone wants to just try the owls head / face that might work. As always - feel free to try anything new. I'm not wedded to the owls. Thanks! Nick
  • Really nice - please can you double the size of the Careers text and make it green? Thanks, Nick
    • Thanks. I doubled the size of the careers text and made it green #47.

    • Thanks - much better.

  • Hi there - would you mind putting this on a clear white background so I can compare it more easily with your other versions? Thanks so much. Nick
    • Hi, I changed background into white one #49. Now, I think you can compare it with my other versions.

    • Thanks!

  • Hi there - thanks for this. I like what you've done with the face. Can you make a logo with the head as the main image, and use green instead of blue as the main colours in the background and text? Thanks. Nick
  • Thanks - maybe use the darker green for the careers text and make it bold? It's a little too faint. Thanks! Nick
  • Hi there - could you make the tree larger (as wide as the text) and make the gray border at the top much smaller (so the tree almost forms the top of the image and you use a few small grey circle above it - rather than large ones?) Thanks. Nick
    • Hi Nick, i did that and in my opinion looks better! Please check #45 and let me know what you think. best regards

    • Thanks - I agree! Can you also make the Careers text bigger too please? Perhaps make it the same width as the Conservation text? And maybe use the ligher green font for the word careers? See what you think. Nick

  • Thanks! I like the face, but prefer the previous colours - or even better the ones in number:15. Nick
  • Hi Nick, Please let me know what you think of #35, thanks :)
    • Hi there, thanks for this logo. It looks good. I'm not sure about the face being a block colour - can you try it in outline, with the beak and eyes maybe? Also not sure about the two green tones next to each other - maybe join and make the left orange section a different colour? Finally, can you make the word Careers bigger? Thanks a million. Nick

    • Thanks for your feedback, what do you think of #39?

  • Really nice - thank you. Can you do anything similar using this as your base image please? Thanks.
    • Thank you for your comment and rating. I made new logo for you to see #36 I hope you will like it. I will work on this concept. Tnx

    • Thanks for this. I'm not sure about the tree and size of the owl. Can you drop the tree and make the owl bigger maybe? Thanks. Nick

  • About #33 Hi nick, here in this entry i tried to depict the name in the image conservation... Best Regards
  • Really nice - thank you. Can you do anything similar using this as your base image please? Thanks.
  • Hi there, Thanks again for your work. It's 100% upto you, but if you fancy trying a perched bird that could work: Please keep it simple, clean and accurate. If you look at the colours in number 32 it might give you some help. Thanks a million.
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #32 I hope you will like it! Best regards
  • Hi Alice, can you try this logo with the other versions text? Thanks! Nick
    • Hello CH, thanks for your previous feedback. I've made some Typography tests, when you see #20 please let me know your opinion. Thanks once again*

    • Thanks Alice. I think I prefer typeset 2. Do you have an idea how the logo might work in a square format (for facebook, twitter etc?) I can see it working well as a website banner, but would you suggest just the colour wheel on it's own as a square logo? Nick