Construction Context Technologies Ltd.

Pretty happy with the end result. I did receive quite a few designs to choose from but they were all very similar in style. Some more creating ideas would have been nice. Anyways, quite happy with the end result and the overall experience of your interfaces was great.


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Winning design #38 by avo, Logo Design for Construction Context Technologies Ltd. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by avo

Project description

Software solution provider for construction industry. We sell and implement ERP software solutions for construction companies. The emphasis of the name should be on Construction Context. 

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  • okay, now I provide the logo with three different word organization. if `Construction Context` is the one needed to be emphasized so option number 3 would work. I hope this is getting better for you. #103
  • It's close but not quite the right font. The organization of the words looks good though with the wort Context and Technologies on the same row. #100
  • This is in lighter style, perhaps the lightest it can get. By the way, is this the text arrangement you said you like it better? if not please let me know, thanks. #102
  • That's better, can they be even lighter ? Also, the one I really like, the characters are almost as wide as they are high. #100
    • About #100, @jakob
      by default, that is the lightest of that font. but I can make it lighter after I convert it to path. I`ll submit it in a minute

  • I found other font that has round square style that quite simple and light style. thanks for feedbacks #101
  • sure, I think I recognize that font. So heer`s my entry with that font in very light style and I provide two options in placing the `technology` #100
  • The font is a sans seriff, quite square looking and very thin lines. #99
  • I do like your logo but I like the font much light and simplistic. Can you send a few more samples. Can you see the other designs? No 47 is kind of the font I'm looking for. #98
  • and this one with other font that look similar to #64, again less bold and more kerning. hope my designs work best for you. #99
  • hello again jakob, thanks for rating and feedback. here`s the entry of #64, with the same font, less border and more kerning (spaces between letters). #98
  • Also, is there a less bolded font for simpler lighter look for the words? #91
  • I prefer the font from 64 although this one is nice as the letters are a bit more spaced. Can you combine the two?
  • Hi,

    please check my design

    thanks #96
  • half negative space of the T makes it unique #92
  • for this I gave more spaces in the typeface #91
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #87
  • Logo idea. #71
  • Logo idea. Hope i'm on track. Good luck #70
  • thanks for ratings, any refinement needed?
    meanwhile please check this one, same idea with more detailing of gradation. #66