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Winning design #20 by flexART, Logo Design for Construction Supervision Jaroslav Fabián logo Contest
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designed by flexART

Project description

I am a freelancer - Construction Supervizor. I work for different type of investors. I protect investors' interests. I am consultant, who finds and advise best way how to build projects in time, in budget and in the required quality. I work for investor and mostly I save his money and protect him from frauds. I give independent point of view to investors. I check quality and correctness of the construction. I have experience with huge projects (bilions USD), and also with smaller ones. I did not supervize small houses. I dont want to have roofs of small houses in logo. My customer: Private business investors, mayors. My name is Jaroslav Fabián - and this is also the name of my brand. I want one logo in two versions. Short and long one. Short one should be constructed from my initials - JF. In the second type I want have my full name. If you want use u subtitle in logo, use "stavební dozor" - it mean construction supervizion in Czech languege :-)

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  • Hello Mr Jaroslav, i want if it's possible a feedback for my designs #8 , #9 , #10 , i hope you like it. Any observation is welcome. Thank you for your time.
  • SCH
    Hi Jaroslav Fabián, please find my entries: #48, #49 & #75, it is a combination of ‘J&F’ to form a high-rise building, this is to symbolize the mega project that is under your supervision. the logo is designed per your contest brief. best regards sch
  • Hi, I submitted #33 for your consideration. It represents lines coming together to form your initials. The logo is simple in color so it is easily used anywhere and in any form. Please advise on the direction I am heading and if this is not to ypur liking perhaps we can come up with one that suits your liking. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, I have just submitted #88 #89 #90 and #91, I hope you like them and I would appreciate any feedback, thanks!
    • Hi, a few days ago I received an infraction for my #90 entry and it was eliminated. It appears in my portfolio with a "problem" sign and i get it. But today I was cheking my entries trying to design something new and I see that my #89 entry has disappeared too. It doesn't have a "problem" or "eliminated" sign, it is just missing and i was wondering why this is happening. Thanks

  • Hi Take a look at my attemtps, #102, #103 and #104. I used yellow and black as they are construction warnings/security colors. I also tried to play with the initials, two attempts, one forming a shield heraldic type design, the other a play with the dot on the "i" and the dash of the "f". Feedback much appreciated. Andrei
  • your entry is too much like entry 55
  • Hi CH! Please take a look at #115 and #117. I try to make something clear, clean and nice. Respect all your work.
  • Would you be able to give us feedback. That we may be just what you mean even sharper.
  • Dear CH, Have just submitted #110. Any feedback would be appreciate. thanks!
  • the tech type drawing is an idea already used by another designer
    • Hello Moderator, Humble apologies. I had not seen the design you refer too but you are right, it is identical. I am quite amazed actually, although I shouldn't be because it was a very simple idea. I thought I might get told off because #109 was similar to #87 but without the box around it. Do I need to withdraw #109 or do I just leave it now? Apologies again. Regards, Glen.

  • Sorry, your entry found to be copy of existing design found here:;; entry:
  • Dear CH, I have just submitted #196 and #197 , I hope you like them and I would appreciate any feedback, thanks
  • Hi CH, please review #93, #116, and #168. All are clean crisp designs that will look good on a hard hat and on a report cover. Please let me know about any variations or revisions you would like to see. Thanks
  • hey please can you take a look #218 and #216. and leave comments or ratings >>THANK YOU!!!!!