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Winning design #6 by FRONTIEREdsgn, Logo Design for Consulatio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FRONTIEREdsgn

Project description

We are Company which provides accounting and tax services. On the logo we want wordings: Pouzdano računovodstvo - miran san Colors can't be dark.

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  • Dear users, it's Design Contest policy that all the users should communicate in English, it's fair to all the designers and clients. Please, keep your comments in English for everyone to understand. Thank you so much.
    • Sry, we were both suprised to se someone else from Croatia. My apologies

    • Sorry for that , just a little conversation in mother language.From now one , just in English, Regards

  • Pozdrav i poÅ¡tovanje , nisam mogao odoliti da se ne prijavim na ovo , jer jako rijetko ima logo natječaja za Hrvatsku.
    • Pozdrav, i ja sam iznenaÄ‘ena da sam dobila prijavu od nekog tko dolazi iz Hrvatske. Ako nam poÅ¡aljete joÅ¡ neku ideju, i s obzirom da dolazimo iz iste države imate dobre Å¡anse osvojiti.

    • Hvala , budem malo kasnije danas napravio joÅ¡ par designa , sada moram kod zubara . Pozdrav

    • Sretno!

    • kod zubara a mislim na ovaj natječaj , 4 godine radim kao designer na internetu i ovo je prvi koji radim za Hrvatsku firmu. Ovo su joÅ¡ moja dva prijedloga , želim Vam da dobijete design na ovom natječaju kakav ste si željeli .PoÅ¡tovanje. P.S. Iz kojeg ste grada , ako nije pretjerano pitati ( samo znatiželja)?

  • I see you like my idea , thanks. Do you want something to be changed??? Maybe colors or font ?? Thanks
    • So far, Your #7 and Lokomotiv #16 are top 2. We would like to see it in different colours and different fonts, thx.

  • Hello to everyone! Thank You for Yor effort to fulfill our requirments, You have been great. Now, there is a team of us who are choosing the winner and we have rated with score 81 all designs that we are considering in, let's say, second round. Please, all of You who got rate 81, please send us a version of Your design in black-grey-white option, so that we can see how Your design looks if our costumers will be printing our documents on black&white printer. Thank You in advance
    • Thanks for feedback , Ill submit designs in a 30 minute or 1 hour

    • Black white version submitted :) Thank you for the rating !

    • Thank you for the feedback. Please check #44 #45 with b&w version and a grayscale version. Thanks!

    • Thank you, I am very glad you like my design I submitted #38 - this is how #30 will look printed on greyscale, printer #39 - black & white version of #30 #40 - the line is a bit thicker #41 - greyscale version of #40 #42 - black & white version of #40

    • good evening CH... Thank you very much for the positive feedback about my designs... i submitted your latest request with black and white version... #100 and #101 Thank you CH... feel free to ask revisions of my designs... thank you...

  • Hi, I submitted #30 , I hope you like it. I will be glad to hear your opinion
  • Hi Ch, i just uploaded #63 . need your feedback. thanks!
  • To the Contest Holder, Please Check #59 and #62. Thank you.
  • Dear spalosika Contest Holder, Please check #57 I've update my design with black-grey-white option. Thank you very much.
  • Dear Spalosika, I have uploaded 3 designs, #73, #89 & #90 for Consulatio. I am hoping you will take them in consideration. If there is anything you would like to change or have any further directions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Best regards.
  • your entry is too much like entry 73
  • Dear everyone! Thank You for Your time, Your ideas and effort. It was really great to work with You all, and it was really hard to choose the best one. We spent 3h deciding the winner. We will come back, and we will recomend You to our business partners. Best regards Consulatio Team
  • This seems like a steak house logo