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Winning design #22 by aray, Logo Design for Containers Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by aray

Project description

I need a logo that is progressive and bold, and classy. My competitors are and they are old school and large companies I will have a large Internet presence and need a WOW statement from the moment they see the logo. I'm going against Goliath.

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  • i don't understand the two 'inc's ??
  • colors don't make a statement
  • can you soften the bottle up, I like what you did, but the font is bold and doesn't have the sharp edges such as the bottle.
  • too monochrome, can you change font color or something?
  • The underline is meant to represent that the word 'container' is being contained in the underline. I can try to incorporate a bottle symbol into the lettering if you want.
  • thanks for the opportunity this design is performed based on the name of the company I think you make several container types and formats and you need to put into the logo, this made ​​pensadno in marketing medium and common printing, spot colors and easy handling, eg embroidery, and labeling of car, do not use degraded by this explanation .. thanks hope you like
  • Design 19 and 20 are the same. I uploaded the wrong version for #19.
  • Are you looking for a design that more or less includes a container?
  • it is minimal, i like your TigerBear font, and i dont get the underline thing? we manufacture plastic bottles.
  • I like it, but would like to have a more progressive font that still matches the bottle like you have.
  • I used Helvetica because it's practically the definition of bold. Please let me know if it's too plain, though. I'm afraid it might be too minimal.
  • Change to red for me, and give some options on bottle , great design
  • The letter "o" is an idea/concept being used by another designer
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • I made a handful of adjustments. Let me know what you think.
  • Windhorst, I soften the edges of the bottle. By doing this, I believe it does give it a more friendly, flowing look. More user friendly. Thanks!
  • Thank you for picking me as a winner, I have sended you the files including: Original Logo, Black & White version and full red version.. I also responded to your email.
  • In entries #92 and #93 the "c" is actually a stylized bottle... I'll try to show you some other versions.. I also received the 'One-on-One' Project from you wich I accepted and I already made a version of business cards, you just need to start the project so I can upload my designs. Thank you!
  • changed my mind, the C is better in your first one, I just didnt get that it was a bottle. take off that top part of the first logo C. or just call to discuss 866/540-6639
  • i like that C, take off the two pieces to the left and replace with that bottle cap like before.