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Winning design #38 by jctoledo, Logo Design for CONTENT CEILINGS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

A roof Ceiling company, colours being Pantone Blue or 100% cyan and Red 032

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  • Hello, CH! Could you tell us more about what you prefer? Like for example, the font style you want? Or if you wanna see something in particular... I chose DarkRed (#8B0000) instead of Red (#FF0000) only because it stands a lot more powerful, I guess (for a logo like this) and though I used 100% Cyan (#00FFFF) , honestly, it can't be seen clearly on white background that's why, (if you noticed) other designers used DeepSkyBlue (#00BFFF) and DodgerBlue (#1E90FF) instead of it. Also, notice too, that I have to place the logo colored with cyan on darker red background so it can be seen. I hope you can share some of your thoughts about the logo you want so we could come up to the best out of it. Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much! GOD Bless! :)
    • Hi there is no one thing in particular we are after, it is just THAT ONE that really surprises us and works.... Thank you..

    • And so I wonder why only 4 entries left after you eliminated the rest. ^_^ Anyway, I just wanna know if ever you want any changes on my previous entries? Or if ever you have any suggestions for it... Or if you wanna see any other designs...

    • Hi by all means if you have any other ideas we would love to see them...

    • I think Meowchi is deeply right! :) In addition, we cannot see any feedback by the contest holder... The brief was (and still is) very spare, I think. So we have to guess (predict? hazard? venture? :)) something WOW that catches the boss' eyes :)) Am I right? Hugs to all and good luck for your predictioooonnnnnnssss... :D

    • Maybe the Client still don't have the exact vision of what he want us to come up to, and so, he is waiting for us to submit something he can be surprise of... Like for example, some new/fresh/unique ideas that can stand on its own for their company... And maybe, that's why, like he said, they are open for any other ideas. :) Besides, as a designer, we are responsible of giving out the best of what we have, with or without the guide of the CH. Here is a matter of give and take, and for this situation, maybe, we are the one to give the CH the ideas on what "logo" he really wants...

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      create1 {*wrote*}:
      Hi by all means if you have any other ideas we would love to see them...
      |--| Many designers worked for you and posted their hours of work in return they expect feedback or at least rating points, Because points help them progress in this site. Good luck

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      create1 {*wrote*}:
      Hi by all means if you have any other ideas we would love to see them...
      |--| Is it possible if you explain to us why our work has been eliminated? I mean, what you really want for us to know what to do...