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Winning design #82 by bsmarla, Logo Design for Converging Networks Southeast Contest
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designed by bsmarla

Project description

Network wiring and installation of hardware on the commercial level. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), closed circuit television (CCTV), alarm (fire and burglar), data systems, and commercial satellite installation (VSAT).

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  • Hi, here's my draft proposal: #1, shown in a few possible layouts. I'm ready for your feedback and requests for modifications.
    • What is the pinwheel design? is there any significance of this to networking?

    • It's a dynamic element to repeat the "converging" theme shown in the circling spikes and the running cables in the "Southeast" line, but if the multicolor pattern resembles a pinwheel too much, that can be changed to a solid color, as shown in the layout examples in the bottom right. The "swirling circle" icon can also be eliminated to forge a more compact logo with the text and converging lines, as in the examples in the bottom left. If you'd like to see an alternative icon, though, let me know.

    • Leave it as well and I will let the rest of the managers vote on the one they like best. Thanks, for the reply.

    • Very well; I've also prepared a new format version with a more uniform profile: #2, for an alternative and expanded choice.

    • I like this as well, Thanks

    • I really like #2 a lot, and I love the cabling connecting to the "S." The color of the wires in a typical piece of cable are orange, green, blue, and brown from top to bottom. Any way we could get a mockup of #2 with the cables colored to mark those? Mix the colors around as much as you need to, and don't feel obligated to just use red, black, and white.

    • Yes sir; here's 2 possible mockups with more colorful combinations, where the possibilities are various and subject to your taste: #4. Let me know about any more previews you'd like me to prepare.

    • I'm ready for your feedback should you still be interested in my designs.

    • I'll leave the project since you favor other designs. Good luck with your business.

  • Any ideas on how to represent the convergence of the different networks, CCTV,DATA,VOICE,ALARM, In our industry all these things are now on our networks.
    • To be completely honest, it's very difficult to weave so many elements into a logo, especially when a few of the items are ambiguous in the sense that there is no perfect way to represent them, e.g. data, voice, alarm to a small extent. Best of luck with your contest and your business, sounds like you have lots of exciting things going for your company!

    • I'm a fan of some of the other contest work I've seen from you. I'd definitely be interested in seeing another design or two if you're up for it.

    • Absolutely, is there a style I used in a past logo of mine that you liked? Perhaps I could apply it to improve my concept for your contest

  • Hey Ch, This is my first entry for your contest. #8 Hopefully you'll let me know what you think
    • I like your first design, with the exception of the company name being a bit off (it's Converging Networks Southeast, not Converging Network Solutions). Do you have any other designs in mind? I'd be interested to see a couple more. Thanks!

  • Can you send me this design with solid colors on CNS and make the behind object an earth picture. Thanks, Mike
    • |--|

      map58 {*wrote*}:
      Can you send me this design with solid colors on CNS and make the behind object an earth picture. Thanks, Mike
      |--| Hi CH thanks for the feedback.. Is it okay if you'll tell me what specific colors you wanna see? Or if there's any color combinations you like me to come up with my design? Thank you so much and GOD bless you more

  • Any chance of seeing another logo or two? I really like this design, but I've got some reservations about how it would translate onto a stitched shirt. I'm interested in seeing anything that you may have in mind. Thanks!
    • VGB

      Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad that you like my design. I have submitted two more variants. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • I like this design a lot! I have a few requests, though. First, could you make the design larger so that the company name is being partially wrapped by it? I'd really like to see it formatted that way, but the colors are perfect just the way they are. Also, could you please capitalize both "Converging" and "Networks"? The font on both sets of text is great, so there's no need to change it. When I look at the design I see both a "C" for "Converging" and a large group of cables running towards me. The concept of running cables is a great thing to incorporate into our logo because that is a large part of what we do. In reference to seeing the logo as cables, I was wondering if you thought you would be able to put eight smaller circles within each circle after you enlarged it a bit to wrap the text? This would represent the individual wires of a Cat5 cable, and I feel like it could reduce possible confusion when other people see our logo. Let me know if you think that part is doable, please. Thanks! Mike
    • Sounds good! Thanks for the feedback, I submitted #16 and #17 with the requested changes, let me know your thoughts or if there is anything I can fix for you, thanks again! Sean

  • Let me see this with the company name on it, Please.
    • Yeah my bad I'll change it and upload it tomorrow, greets

  • Eric, Can I see something smaller, think in terms of a shirt logo. Thanks, Mike
    • Thanks for rating my entry.\ Absolutely, I'll work something smaller up for you!

  • Hello, hope you enjoy my logos. Any doubts or changes please feal free to say. #12 #13 #14
  • Let me see this with the company name on it, Please.
  • Could I See the earth as a black and white image please?
    • sure sure , will work on to that as soon as possible.. but please be reminded that there's only one submission left for me.. I'm new here and the chances of submissions are limited to 3 entries only that can only increase if you'll rate our previous entries to 30 pts. and up :(

    • Thanks!

  • This is nearly perfect. I love the size increase and the wrapped text. In a data cable there are eight wires in groups of two, because like colors are wrapped together (blue and blue w/ white stripe, orange and orange w/white stripe, etc.), so in order to represent that we would need to have eight dots in each "wire" on the design, but I'm not really sure how we could make them be grouped. Any way you could do some kind of twist or something with two dots four separate times in each circle? I'm trying to imagine it myself, and I'm not really sure if or how it would work. Since I can't send images, you could do an image search for "Cat5 wire" if you need something visual to go by. Thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate it. - Mike
    • Absolutely, I did an image search and found what you mean, I have a few ideas on how to make it happen, stay tuned :) Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • Awesome! I can't wait to see it! Thanks, again.

    • I uploaded #23 with my first try at incorporating sets of 2 into the wire, let me know your thoughts, I'm going to try a few other versions and try to twist the smaller wires inside the bigger one. Thanks again!

    • Looks good, but I'm really interested in seeing your other versions, too. I'm struggling to decide between the first large redesign and the most recent ones.

    • Another attempt at achieving that intertwined look of the wires without overcomplicating the design - #33, let me know your thoughts

    • I'm not seeing any of your entries anymore! Any idea what's going on?

    • Unfortunately one of my designs in another contest has been accused of being 'too close' to something found on an obscure website. As a designer I would never copy, I've appealed but apparently there is nothing I can do - I can't submit any more designs in this contest, If you like my work the one option you do have is to start a one on one contest with me where we can work together to perfect your design, I created another updated version of your logo that I think would be a keeper! If we do work together I'd be happy to work to meet all your expectations, if not good luck with your contest and all the best. Sean

    • Being accused of plagiarism happens all the time.. I'm also banned for having multiple accounts, how could I control such, it's an internet cafe, there are possible designers would also have an accounts here resulting for identical IP address..

    • Hello CH, Please review entries #43 and #44. Other submissions are removed, and these two maybe removed again after awhile... Please do email me, They keep on banning me, please hear me out..

  • I really pray to God that you'll email me and hear me out... Please..
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  • VGB
    I have submitted two more variants of the design #25 and #45. If you want any other variation of color, font or anything else, please let me know. Thank you.
  • Hello CH.. Are you removing my submitted entries? I keep on submitting and can't find them...
  • My entries are removed? Why? Is it because I'm banned? :( sir, please help me....
  • Hello CH, please check my revision entry #41.. Made the red color darker...
    • Sir? Please tell me if you want any changes from my previous design? Any feedbacks are very much appreciated.. I'm taking the opportunity of submitting while the ban is lifted for awhile.. Thank you so much and GOD Bless..

  • Hello CH... I'm afraid I can't submit any revisions of entries #18 and #21. :( the site banned my account.. They just lifted the ban for awhile since I won a contest and need to submit the source files of the winning design.. Please do email me here: :( I can give a lot of designs to you.. And just hear me out.
  • Hi ch, I have submitted my entry #107 and hope you will like also let me know your valuable feedback. thanks...