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Winning design #144 by chiko, Logo Design for ConvoLab Contest
Gold Medal

designed by chiko

Project description

An intelligent Chat Robot system designed to be integrated into chat applications like LINE, Facebook Messenger etc. In a way, a self-designed automated chat response system! 

Kindly check out our website for our themes, colours and personality!

Person: Hello! Where is your shop located?
System: (recognises question) 13 Smith Street
Person: How do I get there?
System: (recognises mode of transport) Here are 3 options, please type in the option 1. Bus 2. Train 3. Driving

- Please refer to our website for colour schemes
- We're selling to businesses! (B2B) Not too over the top or un-serious please
- We are based in Bangkok. Our goal is to spread out regionally in mainly South East Asia! (Lets be culturally conscious too in that sense)
**we're rebranding ourselves from NJoin to ConvoLab - please stick to the color scheme you find on

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  • dfgdg #146
  • Hi chiko, we love your designs (#15, #13 and #25) can you help submit these variation:
    1. #25 on white background
    2. Switch the bold letter from Lab to Convo for both #13-#15 and #25 as another variation? #15
    • About #15, @touchaponk
      a lot of design similar to me
      What is your opinion?

    • About #13, @chiko
      1. Can we see ave a version with icon on the left and label on the right?
      2. Can you remove the light/shade color on the bottom left corner of the icon?

    • About #13, @touchaponk im changing all my comments to one-on-one now so you and few other candidates are isolated from each other, so far we like yours the most :)

    • About #13, @touchaponk I've sent a new file according to your request
      thank you

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  • logo #123
  • Simple and Attractive logo.... #121
  • logo #118
  • About #72, @RadenMasPono
    Also can we have a version with icon on the left and label on the right?
  • please feedback #113
  • Please check, Thanks #111
  • Please check, Thanks #110
  • About #72, @RadenMasPono
    Please try this one on black background
  • Please check, Thanks #109
  • ? #90
  • :) #81
  • Please check for #74 , #75 , #76 , #78 , #80
  • Please check, Thanks #73
  • Please check, Thanks #72
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