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Project description

We want to update our restaurant logo. Our current restaurant is an American Filipino Fusion restaurant which caters to the B, C, D markets. We are ugrading our facilities and look of the restaurant including an upgrade on our menu to cater to the A and B matket. We want our logo to be changed to identify our shift towards the A and B market. The current logo color is somewhat orange so we want to keep that shade on our branding. Attached is the original logo with the tag line. Please do not include a book in the logo, we are not a bookstore.

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  • Thank You. #394
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    here are some more revised logo versions according to Your feedback.

    Vaidas Krisikaitis #384
  • your feedback is very important for me #364
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  • Entry 332, 334 and 344 are extremely good, i will advise you check them out
  • Logo consists of the letter C above and K below. Chekmark means food is OK #329
  • hope you like it
    thankyou #326
  • hope you like it
    thankyou #325
  • Greeting Ch, Today i #289 upload a clean face design for you. Have a nice day.
  • My idea is cooking pan on fire with covere. This can see on background my logos. #309
  • . #304
  • About #239, @HORECA ok, i'll add fork or knif between c and k, thanks @nomisjohn
  • Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your feedback. #282
  • Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to feedback. #281
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  • I hope you like my pan design... #275
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