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Winning design #303 by udinpete9, Logo Design for Cookbook Kitchen Restaurant Contest
Gold Medal

designed by udinpete9

Project description

We want to update our restaurant logo. Our current restaurant is an American Filipino Fusion restaurant which caters to the B, C, D markets. We are ugrading our facilities and look of the restaurant including an upgrade on our menu to cater to the A and B matket. We want our logo to be changed to identify our shift towards the A and B market. The current logo color is somewhat orange so we want to keep that shade on our branding. Attached is the original logo with the tag line. Please do not include a book in the logo, we are not a bookstore.

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  • Thank You. #394
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    here are some more revised logo versions according to Your feedback.

    Vaidas Krisikaitis #384
  • your feedback is very important for me #364
  • Thank You. #362
  • Thank You #359
  • Thank You. #357
  • Thank You. #355
  • Entry 332, 334 and 344 are extremely good, i will advise you check them out
  • Logo consists of the letter C above and K below. Chekmark means food is OK #329
  • hope you like it
    thankyou #326
  • hope you like it
    thankyou #325
  • Greeting Ch, Today i #289 upload a clean face design for you. Have a nice day.
  • My idea is cooking pan on fire with covere. This can see on background my logos. #309
  • . #304
  • About #239, @HORECA ok, i'll add fork or knif between c and k, thanks @nomisjohn
  • Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your feedback. #282
  • Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to feedback. #281
  • . #280
  • I hope you like my pan design... #275
  • . #268