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We are extremely happy with the logo design and can't wait to launch our new company! Liz did a specatacular job! Looking forward to utilizing designContest in the future!

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Winning design #58 by lizonil, Logo Design for Cool Dog requires fun, hip, iconic company logo design Contest
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designed by lizonil

Project description

Since we would like to feature Gracie Bay in the logo and would like the company to embody her fun, carefree spirit I think it is important to understand her personality a bit. Gracie Bay (the dog) is an ornery dog who lives to ‘seek fun’ every minute of her life. She was named after Grace Bay in Turks & Caicos. Gracie Bay’s favorite things to do on this earth – standup paddle boarding, play Frisbee, play with her tennis balls, and be with people. The #1 reason this dog makes everyone smile is that her left ear stands up ‘on end’ when she gets excited or plays. Our intention is to bring her personality in the ‘brand’, marketing collateral and the products we sell. Our tag line will be ‘Seek Fun’. Life in general has become very serious with the economic climate the world is facing. Perhaps ‘seeing’ Gracie Bay and wearing our fun apparel will take ‘regular’ folks ‘away’ from life’s complications, hardships and make them smile. Aspirational: Seek Fun from your life. Every day is a vacation day. . Logo elements • Company Name – Gracie Bay • Iconic Illustrative representation of Gracie Bay’s face with left ear up • Color Palette – Prefer bright yellow and turquoise Font – simple, clean easy to reproduce • Optional depending upon your creative style - Simple beach lifestyle visual – hibiscus, palm tree etc – optional Please no clip art. We are looking to you to design a fabulous logo that will help launch our brand and will resonate the 'cool, beach' lifestyle with our target customers. What you design is the gateway to our success! Please consider when designing the logo that the design will also be utilized in apparel wear and other ‘gear’ such as stand up paddle boards, etc… therefore her face (including a body depending on the tshirt and other apparel design) must be designed in a simple contemporary/abstract way to be easily applied to such designs. Pictures of Gracie can be found at OR @GracieBay

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