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Winning design #103 by goestpozz, Logo Design for Cool logo required for web start up Contest
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designed by goestpozz

Project description

Logo for use on website, we will be suing a theme such as: but please don't be restricted on colour. Would like a simple, straightforward design, like the idea of a deep red as a colour, we like: logo and design but perhaps with a bit more of a web 2.0 feel to it.

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  • The cool web 2.0 feel.
  • Dear contest holder, I just submitted 3 entries; #81 and #82. Best regards,
  • Hi, I like this idea. Could you please change the font to something a bit simpler and increase the size of the word 'websites' to the same width as the words 'kitchen table' Thanks. Mark
  • #74 Dear Contest Holder, Here's another entry, hope you'll like it. Thank you.
  • #72 Dear Contest Holder, Hope you'll like this entry. Thank you.
  • The Elegant Design.
  • "K" also goes for King. The message is Kitchen Table is the King of websites.
  • this is new style design hope you like this one
  • When I red Kitchen Table Websites, come to my mind this, websites that taste good! The word Kitchen give a direction to food, and table to what is on kitchen table, (plate, spoon, knife) In the plate there is WWW (world wide web) give direction to internet, webpages etc. The shield gives direction to "security"
  • dear contest holder i submit this design and design #52 , it's simple design and have the ability to be on any pages or website .. hope you like it . thanks
  • Here is my second concept, let me know what you think
  • HI, I like this a lot. Is it possible to make the KT bolder and in capitals and integrate the word websites into the slogan at the front using the same font as the words kitchen table? Thanks. Mark
  • I hope you like my design...
  • Words look great, not sure about the icon.
  • My entry, shield design with more of a modern feel. Would be happy to make any revisions. Looking forward to your feedback.
  • Hi CH: My concept of the "KT" is for the "K" to look like a chair and the "T" to look like a table. Hope you like it.
  • Could you please place the KT shield icon to the side of the words and increase the size of the word websites?
  • Can the word websites sit under the words kitchen table? Can you make the icon look like a plan view of a table?
  • Here is my first concept. Going with more of a letterform with this one.
  • Dear CH, Here's my design entry. I hope you like it.