Cool Restaurant is Born in NYC and needs a cool and fresh logo to be turned into a neon sign amongs other things.

It was definitely a good experience. I certainly got more quantity than quality but the 3 designers that got my medals are creative, original and skilled.

$275 paid

216 custom designs

55pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #188 by moimeme, Logo Design for Cool Restaurant is Born in NYC and needs a cool and fresh logo to be turned into a neon sign amongs other things. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moimeme

Project description

Bikinis is a RESTAURANT with a VINTAGE AMERICAN Diner feel.

- ORIGINAL, clean basic type.
- USE shapes like a square or a rectangles to frame the Bikinis logo only.
- BE CREATIVE use Clean pure or serif type BE ORIGINAL
- Include the words "eat" or "eatery" in a plain font and a lot smaller, BIKINIS IS THE MAIN LOGO.
- Make sure your entry is ORIGINAL, Different, fresh, and sophisticated.
- USE THE EXAMPLES as your guide, don't copy exactly.
- MAKE IT YOUNG and fun with out being silly

- NO GRAPHICS. graphics entries will be eliminated.
- DON'T USE AN OBVIOUS FONT from a font book, recognizable fonts will be eliminated.
- DONT SQUASH, SKEW OR ROTATE type. It looks bad.
- NO APPAREL any entry that looks like beachwear, waves, sun or vacations will be eliminated.
- NO DASH LINES please.

Good Luck!

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  • hi Ch, here's the revision of my design. the 3 stars you mentioned and putting eatery in the bottom part. please check. thanks
  • Good Job. Lets see one last version. Take out Eat replace with 3 little stars. Replace Inc with "Eatery".
  • hi CH, here's the one with the thin white lines as per #38. thanks
  • create your own logo, dont use straight up type. use examples #46 and 47.
  • Its a good start, the shapes are nice and speak Diner, but the type is too western.
  • not there yet, use sample #46 as a guide
  • This is not beachwear, its a restaurant. feel free to propose a new idea. use example #12
  • make eat and inc a different type. use something simple and basic. Make it horizontal and get rid of the square and the white circles, remember this is a restaurant. use sample #12
  • looking better, add the dots on the "i" and shade as in sample #38
  • this is a lot better! add a thin white stroke on "bikinis" only as in sample 38
  • get rid of the dash line and try it in cobalt blue instead of green. Try a diferent type where thr "k" doesnt look like and "R"
  • ok, thank you for your feedback! i will try to work on it!
  • ok ch thanks for the info. i'l work on that. marlonaire
  • lets keep working, get rid of all the elements and show Bikinis only contained in the box. follow example #20
  • your layout is good, but your font too common, look at the examples. #19, 20 and 21
  • your font is too sporty, this is a restauarant, look at the examples #20 and #19
  • your design is clean a a great start, but your type too common. look a the examples and resubmit.
  • start from this font but make it Original,
  • your type is too comonly use, make your own logo. dont just use existing fonts. the combination of your fonts is awkward.
  • Use a tyoe that is Original, your layout is good.