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It was a good experience - there were several entries that I liked - I may actually buy a few more of the others as well!!

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Winning design #55 by zumi, Logo Design for CoolSci Productions LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zumi

Project description

I need a logo called 

STEM Resilience.  

STEM is Science Technology Engineering and Math. Resilience denotes strength, grit and standing strong in spite of challenges

I do not want STEM to overpower the word resilience... Thanks

The logo must be at least 1600x1600

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  • updated version #104
  • muf
    stem #94
  • muf
    I hope you like it #93
  • @change1
    Hi , please take a look at entry #75
    Hope you like it ,
    please if you want to change something , don't hesitate to let me know.
    Thank you,
    sincerely , Cezar #75
  • How about this ch? #53
  • feedback and guide me . @change1 #45
  • What is the significance of the logo above the words? #15
  • Thank you for your feedback sir, and i have done to revise, what do you think about it?? #29
  • Thank you feedback from you;)
    Is it like this? If there are changes please contact me again,
    thank you
    Regards #26
  • You have the wrong spelling of the word for the logo.. #13
  • nice - can you do something with the E to indicate a science concept? Not sure what that could be..... #4
  • Can you put a break in this line to indicate a circuit - and possibly put in a zigzag line in the line - like a circuit designation? #3
  • Can you make this font stronger? Perhaps bold or event a different font indicating strength? #3
  • Can you put a break in here or a zig zag line to indicate a circuit like device? #2
  • Can you make this black in contrast to the other letters? #2
  • Can you try a different font? more box-like and not rounded? #6
  • Can you make the e black or the STM black and the E orange? #2
  • Just to show what the previous design might look like on a printed surface. If you would like to explore brushed metal finishes it will be done in a few hours