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It was a good experience and I am happy with my new logo. I was treated nice and the artist were talented .

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Okay! My ai file with my original logo has been successfully uploaded. I want my two original chimneys with the original "coopertown" just as it is. I want the word "services" sort of small with just below "coopertown". I want the phone number and website info deleted. I want a nice lifelike raccoon almost as large as the Letter "C" in coopertown and a squirrel almost the size of the letter "0" in coopertown. The raccoon should have back feet and tail on top of right chimney and climbing down the right side of right chimney with tail in the air. The squirrel should be placed somewhere on or around left chimney. All you will really be adding is the two animals. All else stays the same. If you want to add a simple roof under the chimneys and place an animal on the roof, that may work also. With the new ai file available to you I think we are close to picking a winner. Thank you all. . We want a new logo that shows our chimney logo (twin chimneys with smoke exiting the chimneys to spell out name)and we want a realistic raccoon hanging or climbing off the side of one of the chimneys and a squirrel somewhere on the other chimney or maybe just somewhere else in the logo. Our company colors are Red Black and White. It is acceptable to use some grays and browns it needed but want to stay with our red, black and white mostly. Don't really want cartoon animals, I understand that the animals will need to rather simple line drawing so it can be used on letter heads, embroidery, business cards, etc.but want the animals to look real and not cute. Our clients are 75% upscale professionals and we cater to the people who expect to pay more and expect top drawer service. Please view banner on our website ( We do not want "coopertown's" we want "Coopertown". We want the word "services" under the word "coopertown". We will welcome variations in these guildlines as we realize some of you will bring artistic ideals better than ours. If you can design a better chimney or "Coopertown" we would like to see it. I'm Excited because my Daughter used this website with great results last year.

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  • I think that adding the squirrel and raccoon to your original logo makes the logo too busy. I personally think it will not look good
    • I like the #2 entry better than the #3. I like the raccoon and squirrel. I agree that the original logo will look a little busy but That logo is identified with our company for the past 35 years and I do not want to loose it. I am reluctant to change it at all but our wildlife control services has grown to almost half of out gross and a lot if customers have said "I have used you guys for years but I did not know you removed animals". So I really want to keep original logo and just add animals to it. I respect your opinion about it being busy and I know you know much more about logos than I, but I just can't give up my 35 year old logo. Please share your thoughts with me. I am willing to listen to other ideas. what if the raccoon and squirrel were over to the side or below the text in the middle? My original thought was that a raccoon would be climbing down the outside edge of the chimney on the right(tail on top of chimney and head hanging down the side as he climbed down) As I said, I am a great chimney builder but very limited skills with illustrations and logos. Thank you for your help.

    • I can try to do something similar to your original logo if that helps. I cant promise itll look 3d realistic like the way you have it unless I had the original files of whoever made it in the first place. but I can do something similar. the only thing about adding the squirrel and raccoon characters I made to your original logo would make it look weird because they are line drawings and your logo is a lot more realistic.

    • What type of files do you need? I have the logo in several different files I think (Jpeg, Tiff, and a few others) Maybe I could send you the original logo and you could add the animals. I would like a little more detail in the animals but what you sent is not all that bad. I will try and work with you if I can. This logo will be used on the side of vans, business cards, Mag. ads, possibly a billboard. Thanks for your efforts.

    • yeah if you have a .pdf or .ai files that would work. but I think you cant send me the files personally (against the rules) youd have to put it up on the site where we can all grab it.

    • I have it in .ai. how do I send it to you?

    • how do I put it up on the site?

    • Im not too sure but ive seen other contests where the contest holder uploads a logo or an object they want incorporated within the new logo. I cant say as to how. I guess try calling the website help center and ask how. im sorry if this is frustrating at all.

    • I will give it a shot. Thanks

  • #1 I imagine that as big label on your van...........................................
    • Want to keep the chimneys with the smoke spelling out Coopertown. Also want squirrel and raccoon to look more realistic. Please note our website - Thank you for your submission!

    • We are trying to add the squirrel and raccoon on to our current logo. Our logo can be seen at

  • We want to keep the chimneys with the smoke spelling out Coopertown. Please note our website - We are trying to add the squirrel and raccoon on to our current logo. Thank you for your submission!
  • I am attempting to upload my original logo ai file. I would like a rooftop added under my existing chimneys and a squirrel and a raccoon added somewhere other than the top of the chimneys. Thanks
    • yes please. I want the font and chimney on your old logo thankyou

    • did you ever find the logo file I tried to upload? I had the file but could not open it myself to look at it, so not sure if it was the correct file.

    • Sorry there is no file uploaded. but i try to trace your old logo. kindly give a feedback on draft. no. #17 Thankyou in advance. if you need anything just let me know. -menggo

  • Still waiting for instructions on how to upload original logo file. Thanks.
    • coopertowncs please click on the "brief" tab you will see the green edit brief button once on the edit page you have upload a file button. This article will help guide you also

  • too different from original logo thanks
  • too different from original logo. thanks
  • I like this rooftop better than the other rooftops. I am attempting to upload my original logo ai file. I would like a rooftop added under my existing chimneys and a squirrel and a raccoon added somewhere other than the top of the chimneys. Thanks
  • I like this better than any of the other entries. The chimneys and the logo is almost identical to my original logo. Please make chimneys about 6 to 8 bricks taller, Make raccoon about 3 times larger. Maybe make raccoon with tail and hind legs on top of chimney with head and torso hanging downward like it is climbing off of the chimney. Make squirrel a little larger. Thanks---Best entry yet!
  • Hello CH! I've submitted #24 and I need your feedback to make it better. Thank You! Kind Regards, Benjamin
  • You have taken parts of this design and copied exactly
  • I am getting a lot of good feedback from others in my business about your entry #6. Some seem to like it better than our original logo. Would you please modify the entry to place chimneys wider apart(at extreme left and right edges of roof). we like your raccoon and squirrel but maybe place them on the roof between the chimneys (maybe balanced and maybe not). The last thing would be to try and get the coopertown and the smoke more like our original (maybe take it from the ai file I uploaded. The general feeling here at my office is that your roof and chimneys are better than our original and your animals are everyones favorites.
    • sounds good, ill change it up and let me know if it looks better

    • I put the updated versions on there for you, i put one with the chimneys in the same spot (just changed the name to original logo) and the one below it with the animals between the chimneys. if you want the type to look exactly like your original (with the black and grey smoke coming up beside the type) i can do that as well.

  • Thanks for the continued effort! I really would like different animals. The raccoon in entry #6 (as well as the squirrel) looks more realistic and is easier to identify at a distance. also raccoon in #33 does not look like he is actually climbing but just placed there. Please try to draw different raccoon and squirrel and place them differently. Thanks!
  • It is good to see my ai file was uploaded. The word "service" needs to be a little smaller and raised up closer ti "coopertown"------The raccoon needs to be the size of the letter "C" in coopertown and should be climbing up the left chimney or climbing down the right chimney with tail very visible. Squirrel needs to be slightly larger than the "o" in coopertown---squirrel should be setting on top of right chimney (top right corner of chimney) or some other visible location. It is important that the animals are well drawn and large enough to see. Also, remove the phone number and web site.You are on the right track. Thanks
    • Hi Coopertown Thankyou so much for the great feedback. Done for your request. from Draft #26 to #33 I Hope you like it. If you need any changes just let me know. Thankyou in advance. -menggo

  • If you get my ai file for my original logo and use my chimneys and my "coopertown" and add your roof and animals, I think you will be leading all others. Read my new brief about animal locations. I like your animal drawing the best of all entries
  • I like the raccoon and squirrel better in entry #6 Raccoon is easily identifiable at a distance and so is squirrel.
  • Hi CH Please see my new Entry #40 and #41 New Racoon Thankyou in advance I Hope you like it -menggo
  • Almost like this one as much as your other entry! Maybe duplicate and move smoke exiting chimney to other entry? This entry is well liked in my office. Thanks
  • looking good. please make "services" slightly larger and more to center. Please add a couple of gray stripes of smoke exiting chimneys next to red to make smoke a little thicker at base (see original). Thanks!
  • Hello there. Just submitted this entry #32. Any feedback and suggestions is highly appreciated.thank you.Best regards.