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This is great, although overwhelming with the Quantity of logos to choose from! Thanks to all for the wonderful proposals, and to Zahinfo for the winning design!

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Winning design #370 by Unir, Logo Design for CORE PLAN Consulting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Unir

Project description

About the company:

"CORE PLAN Consulting" offers Interim Management and Project Management services to the industry (Automotive, Food Industry, Ship construction, IT...), in areas such as Business Development, Marketing and Sales, R&D, Product Development, and Operations Management. The words CORE and PLAN contain two basic values of the Brand : CORE = Strong, Solid and PLAN = organized, prepared, thought through. Other values are: Support, Team Work, Respect, Balance, Creativity, Freedom, Vision, Drive, Passion.

About the expected Logo:

I put no boundaries or guidelines here besides the look and feel balance given by the site. I would like a logo as a graphic (1) (for instance a dot with a C, a P and a C styled together), with the CORE PLAN Consulting as a text (2); and with a smaller text below such as "Management Services to Industries" (3). I would like to be able to reword the text (3) as needed later on. I would also like that (1), (2) and (3) can be used either alone, or in combination.

About myself:

I am an experienced engineer, MBA, and after 20 years of International experience as manager and executive in the industry, I have decided to start my own company. For the moment I am alone. This move was coupled to a move back (from abroad) to my home seaside region of Brittany, France, which is famous in france for beeing authentic and where the nature is strongly present. There are my roots, my core. Besides being an engineer, I like visiting and spending time with friends and family, am a whitewater kayak instructor, and speak 7 languages. 


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