This was my first time using DesignContest and I am completely satisfied with the results. There were several great ideas to consider. Maxx (the winning designer) did a great job and was very willing to make any modifications I asked for. I highly recommend DesignContest.

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Winning design #281 by maxx, Logo Design for Cornerstone Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

The primary word is the word Cornerstone. We would like the image to symbolize the idea of families, foundations, and strength. We would like Family Services, PLLC to be a tagline with the ability to manipulate taglines to depict or describe specific programs operating under Cornerstone.

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  • About #72 I wasn't sure what side you would like to see it on. #142 is the revised one where I put it on the right side and then balanced it by pushing over the Family Services, PLLC to the right. Let me know if you want to see it on the other side or possible lower.
  • This is my first time using this logo service. I did not realize that once I shared "wrong direction" that the logo was eliminated. I hope this doesn't discourage any of you, I'd still like to see your ideas. We have several concepts that I'm liking. I'll try to continue giving feedback as we go. Thank you so much for your time.
  • like the lettering, would like to see a different logo
  • can you make the logo a little smaller. add the ,PLLC
  • can you put the logo to the side?
  • less hearts
  • I'm not crazy about the heart, would like to see something without the heart.
  • like the lettering, would like to see a different logo
  • would like to see a different logo
  • can you move the logo to the side? really like the look.
  • like to see a different logo
  • would like to see a different logo
  • like the lettering. would like to see a different logo
  • really like the lettering, don't like the logo
  • Dear Contest Holder, This is my first concept for CORNER STONE logo. The stone in pectagon shape or diamond shape which reflects strength, perfect connections. These are basic foundations for building a house or a happy family. And CORNER STONE provide family services with the best basic foundations. Hope you like this and just feel free to give your opinions on my concept. Tks,
  • CH what about my pictures #16 and #17 TQ if you want the logo rocks (abstract) maybe the next image I would do again refisi possible concepts that I will give another
  • #81 Shades of red are chosen to evoke warmth as it is a family oriented service provider. the overall logo is designed to look like a crown which is a symbol of power/strength. the crown upper depicts a family with same geometry repeated with different scales to convey oneness/unity of the family. the family stands on a sturdy looking foundation (thick type face) which is also the name of the company. the foundation is darkened for sturdyness and finally the base describes the service again tint of red, toned down to emphesize the name of the company ;)
  • Dear Cornerstone, Thank you for the previous ratings. Here is short desription of another logo design #68 - logo contains abstract human figures with circle in midle as a cornerstone. In my vision it represents story of the solid family's or friendship's cornerstone growing to a beautiful and precious flower. Kind regards, Babba
  • #64, i have made the change to #4 with some minor modifications. Your thoughts are welcome. Any further changes?
  • Ch, #61 i changed the font and altered the original design of #4. Your comments are welcome and can make any adjustments or enhancements you may want.