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Winning design #20 by redstudio, Logo Design for Country club child care Contest
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designed by redstudio

Project description

It's a luxury drop-in child care with a healthy bar; organic snacks, drinks and smoothies. Main colors are white, Tiffany- green and green.  I'm looking for less animated and more classy Logo;

 A child parachuting on the leaf (as a drop-off care) or
Blot of rainbow with my business name  "country club drop-in child care" 

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  • You got it! Love it! Thank you!!!
    It looks like the font is different in the word Country and club. Maybe it's just 1st "C"
    and Yes! That's it though! 100% #20
    • @anetta_holley hey your right, I'll be sure to fix that during finalization. Have a good evening :)

    • @redstudio

    • @redstudio thank you for all your hard work!

  • I feel horrible I feel like I missed guide you! This is a great design, I only wanted a chubby baby. The brown line underneath could be changed into delicate hands. Don't change it into something completely different. I like how this one says Country Club drop-in childcare instead of drop-in Childcare Country Club #7
    • @anetta_holley No worries :) I don't blame you, its all part of the process... not quite as easy as in person. Thanks for your patience.

  • Please give me this logo with white baby, thinner hands, biger drop-in child care and less curl on C and d
    And it's done.
    Thank you #14

    @ Redstudio Did you see this post?
  • I'm sorry it looks like you misunderstood me I absolutely love # 14. I didn't need you to take it to a whole different design as you did with # 17. I want that same baby but lighter with brown outline. This is going to be a sign. I need to make sure people will see a baby instead of a brown spot, when they driving by.
    Ps. Less curls on the letter C and b
  • Thought i'd give it one last shot :) Thanks for the review process and feedback, it's been really good for me. #17
  • The color combinations are endless with this pallet so if you want to try another combination just let me know :) #14
  • #7 LOVE clean look and elegance!
    #10 LOVE the happy baby and hands caring and protecting! If we can combine the happiness of #10 with the calm and peaceful feeling of #7. That would be EXACTLY it!
  • Dear CH, Just in case you still got some space left for another kid now landing:)
  • I think we got it! I'm waiting for few uprovals and we should be good. I love it! #7
    • @anetta_holley great! I agree, it's a very nice combination of 'child+luxury'. Thanks again for the feedback :)

    • About #7, @anetta_holley I just noticed the font is slightly skewed on the arc :/ Rather than issue another draft, I'll just point it out to you and we can fix all imperfections during the finalization process if you choose to go with this design.

  • Very bright... I like your style:) Let me know if you had something different in mind for the delicate leaf details. #7
  • Hi Redstudio, give me the guy in bottom left corner on green (don't change the green) with some delicate details on the leaf and yellow background center spot (instead of white). To make it look more like sun is shining through. I just want to make it a little more happy without loosing the classiness.
    Please contact me with questions. #6
  • About #6, @redstudio
    I like it!
    • @anetta_holley glad to hear it! Feel free to let me know if you want me to make any other adjustments :)

  • About #5, @redstudio
    The writing on the blot makes a little busy and hard to read. I actually like the picture on the bottom left corner without a blot, just a kid and the name. Looks great!
    • @anetta_holley You're absolutely right, I'll simplify and go that route. Thank you, Your suggestions have been very helpful :)

  • About #5, @redstudio
    For the logo with the kid and name only, could you play with some colors, but keep it simple :)
  • I like the top-kids part. However, nothing say luxury nor organic. I'd consider if those changes could be done.
    Thank you Anna #1
  • Thank you. this is not what I'm looking for. #3
  • Feedback is greatly appreciated. #4