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Was a great experience. Exceeded my expectations and I will definitely do it again in the future.

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Winning design #32 by ShiftingBlue, Logo Design for Courtesy Restoration Inc. Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ShiftingBlue

Project description

We are a Restoration company specializing in repairing homes damaged by water,or fire and smoke. We are looking for a professional logo design. We are open to looking at options that either consist of just text or a combination of an icon with text.

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  • Hello! I have submitted Entry #1 for your review. I'd love to hear your thoughts/changes you might suggest. Thank you!
    • Hi Shifting Blue, thank you for your prompt entry. I do like the text. While I think the icon is somewhat close, I was hoping to incorporate more of a fire and water aspect to it. Hope that helps. reply back with any questions. thanks again

    • Great, thanks for the feedback! Entry #3 has fire and water included in the icon you liked and with the same text. Once again let me know what you think!

    • And Entries #4 and #5 are a different take on the fire/water aspect through the colors on the arrow-ring. Thanks!

    • I think it is the house that is my hold up. Your entry #3 is getting better. Would like to see a different icon just focusing more on fire and water and less on the a house. Hope that helps. I do like the font of the text

  • Hello CH! I have submitted entry #2 for your feedback. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
    • I do not think the icon incorporates what we do. I was hoping to include more of a fire and water theme into the icon since we primarily deal with fire and water restoration. Let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for your prompt entry.

  • Hi CH, i already submitted the logo, its #12 on the list, try to check it out and let me know what to adjust. thanks for the great suggestions.
    • Nice work. could you put it on a the gray or white background so I can see it a little better. I like it. Also, I'd like to see it in not all caps as another option. Really like what you did.

    • hi again CH, i have finished it, #14. suggestion will make it more better, thanks a lot!

  • Hello! I re-did the logo without the house - Entry #11. Once again, let me know your thoughts!
    • Thank you, I like this better without the house. I did, however, like the green color you incorporated into the circle earlier. Could you do a version with the arrows being the green color you used previously instead of the gray? Also, maybe do an option where the lines below the company name are green instead of red and blue. thanks again and reply back with any questions.

  • Hi again CH, i have fitted the logo together in #9. try to check it and suggest which logo and text should combine. thanks!
    • I don't care for the middle font, but I do like the first and third fonts. As far as the icon, I think all three are good options, not sure which I prefer yet.

    • ok, please just inform me if you have your choice for me to work on it. thanks! i appreciate your suggestions a lot.

    • I think I'm leaning towards the first icon with the green circle. I believe I prefer the name to be in three separate lines and use Inc. instead of "incorporated" spelled out. maybe in a Gabriel Serif Font, or some other font options. Maybe even those you used on the top and bottom font in #9 also. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • thanks, i have confusion on what you said, what do you mean by those three separation lines? like those line below of the words courtesy restoration?

    • I mean the name of my company on three separate lines. Courtesy first line....Restoration second line......Inc third line.

    • ok,,, thanks! i'll try to make you see it for now... thanks!

  • Hi Ch, i have submitted a logo. any suggestions on #7 ? best regards. . .
    • I do like your entry. I would like to see similar options using this icon. maybe with it next to the name as opposed to on top. Also would like to see a couple different font choices. Maybe even throw in a version without the green circle, or something other than a circle. Please message back if you have any questions.

    • thanks for the great suggestions, i'll try to do it with that,..

    • hi Ch, i just want to ask, what you will prefer for the text, is it capitalize? thanks!

    • You know, I wasn't thinking all capitalize until I saw your entry. I kind of like it, but maybe both options would be good if it's easy enough? Thanks

  • Thank you for your entry. This isn't corporate enough looking for our taste. We're looking for a more modern look.
  • Sounds great. Entries #16 and #17 have the changes made that you asked for. I am of course willing to make any changes/adjustments you might like!
    • Thank you, can you make 1 more version of #3? Change the red and blue lines below the name to green like you did in #17? I appreciate your efforts. Please reply if you have any questions

    • No problem! #18 has the changes you requested - let me know your thoughts.

  • hi CH, i have updated my design. #27 adding more tools to come up with your logo. thanks!
  • I had an idea to combine the two versions I've been working on, so #25 and #26 are what that might look like. Let me know what you think, thanks!
  • Other designs look great! got some serious competition here haha would love some feedback/advise on #37 thanks
    • Thank you for your entry. I would like to see a version of yours with the icon to the left of the company name. that's the layout I'm leaning towards as of now. Might need to play around with the text as the icon might be quite a bit taller than the text. Let me know if you have any questions. thx again

  • No problem! Entry #32 has the fire dark to light and the water light to dark. Entry #33 has them both light to dark, and Entry #34 has them both dark to light. In my opinion, the fire works either way, but the water drop looks unnatural dark to light. Your thoughts?
  • I'm happy to make any adjustments to #18 or any of my other entries - let me know if there is anything you would like to see!
    • Thank you. I like #18. One thing I think could make it better is if you have any other icons that look more like fire and water rather than just a tear drop shape. I do like the combo of the house, fire, water, with the green circle. Just wondering if we can make it slightly better. Does that make sense?

    • Sounds great. Do you like the fire and water in #31 better?

    • yeah, I think I do. can you do one more thing? Can you make one using those and insert the multiple shades of orange and blue like you did on #18? I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't

    • not trying to be difficult :) but could you do one that starts goes from light to dark (as in #18) and one that is reversed (dark to light)?

    • I posted that last reply before you did #32. Now if you could do one just like #32 that goes reversed (dark to light). Thank you very much

    • I just submitted Entry #32 which has different blues and oranges. I actually found the fire looked better with dark on the inside to light on the outside, and that water looked better reversed light to dark. What do you think of this one?