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Winning design #139 by logostyle, Logo Design for Cox Residential Contest
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designed by logostyle

Project description

I am looking for a strong logo that I can use on business cards, trucks, apparel, Cox Residential is a construction and real estate company possibly incorporate the words construction and real estate Lets try a word mark for COX Residential - I would like the focus of the logo to be on COX so making that bigger and stand out. I would like to create mark to use with along with logo we could even try to use the Initials C R to make a letter form I attached some samples of logos that I made using paint and word. they aren't the best but maybe some ideas I would like to see a logo that can be used with dark and white backgrounds I am very open to ideas at this point, Submit all types simple or complex and I will give feed back. Thank you everyone for the help!!!

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  • hey could you guys try to use a metallic look and maybe a dark back ground. I am open to other concepts with out the rooster too. thank you for the help!!!
  • Could you try making the rooster a charcoal grey- do you have any other roosters you could use?
    • hi justin. ok for the grey rooster, but don't you think the logo could be too "dark"? no colors at all but black? :) what about other roosters? how do you need them? different pose? color? more stylized? more "photographic"? Let me know please, and I'll try to satisfy your design needs :) Regards

    • hi justin. I've posted #81. Please feel free to tell me if I'm on the right track or not. I've used your rooster, vectorialised. See you.

  • Hi CH, Thanks for rating my draft #63 and #64... And if you need for revision about the drafts, please let me know. Thanks CA
    • |--|

      ChurutArt {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Thanks for rating my draft #63 and #64... And if you need for revision about the drafts, please let me know. Thanks CA
      |--| hey I like your designs could you try a couple more ideas. Maybe try a different mark. and fonts.

  • hey could you try a few different fonts. do you have any ideas for a possible mark? thank you
    • thanks for the feedback, i'll make another entry as soon as possible with another different font and a possible mark. thank you

  • I uploaded some samples of logos I made using paint and word, you can take a look. just ideas
  • I would like the focus to be on the COX so having that bigger and stronger then residential.
  • mock ups are forbidden in logo contests. Be careful next time.
  • hey I like the bottom COX can you mess around with that you don't have to worry about the rooster right now thanks I am open to colors
    • ok boss! :) only one thing: which of the two bottom logo do you prefer? :) About colors: I think that red/orange and black/grey match well together. In effect also many other "colleagues" have chosen this color combination :) Greetings

    • if its not to much of a hassle try a few different colors- I like the one on the bottom right a little more.

  • can you try making some designs using COX - I Really like what you have done so far
  • can you remove the windows from the C and try different colors. maybe make it look metallic with different colors. thank you for the help.
    • please check the revised version of design #69 to new version #85

  • can you do the x and house in light blue
  • can you take the rooster off the x part and let me see what that looks like thank you
  • Does any one have a design for a house or construction mark
    • Hello Justin. I've posted new logo designs #104, #105. Thanks for feedback.

    • About #120 Hi Justin. What about my entry?..Thanks for feedback

  • Hi Ch, Please check #136 and #138.. Hope you like. Thanks
  • thanks
  • Hi CH. I just submitted two entries for your contest, #122 and #123. I incorporated your company's initials CR into a house. Let me know if you would like to see any changes. Thanks!
  • can you make the top of the c go to the right more. make it look more like a C. hopefully that makes sense. can you try a dark background. Do you have any ideas for maybe just Using A BIG COX thanks man. KEEP UP THE DESIGNs.
    • About #131 I made changes the top of "c" and dark background too

  • can you try making this neon lime green and The Blue color you used on #120. and shrink the rooster down like 120
    • Hi, I made the changes as you requested combination silver-blue #163 and silver-green #164

  • Dear CH, #157 contains letter C and o divided by x precisely, resembles construction and streets in creative way. Thanks and good luck.
  • Hi CH, Please have a look at my entries #179. Hope you will like it and need you feedback to improve my design. Thanks