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Winning design #104 by rozi930, Logo Design for CP Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rozi930

Project description

Coaching, training, and instruction in racquet sports, primarily tennis, but also paddle and squash for all ages and skill levels. CP academy stands for Court Pro Academy and also the owner’s initials. 

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  • hw about this? thanks #104
  • CP Academy #102please check that you like it, thank you
  • I really like this design and it's currently my favorite. I would like to see how it looks if the "P" is very slightly longer (~20mm). #42
  • Dear sir,
    As your requirement i submit the design. i hope you like this design. if you want any changes please sent me a feedback . i can do the best design for you. thank you. #92
  • About #68, @morabira my entry
  • hi sir do you like this design, everything can be changed color font design etc. I welcome feedback ... thank you #75
  • Please check My entry hope you like and any feedback welcomes thanks in advance. #74

  • CP and a become the main icons in this concept.
    If you may know, what color do you want?
    Hope you like it and thank you. #69
  • This is what has been added to the racket handle #66
  • Tennis Ball #65
  • I like the top one Sesar. Can you add the racket handle you have in #58 & 59?
  • Its original design #60
  • I really like this design Could you change the lines on the tennis ball - can you change the lines on the ball to be more like the traditional tennis ball lines with 2 semi circles on each side? Some of the other designs have captured this look on the ball #37
    • @chpretorius Sure, no problem #55

  • CP Academy #54
  • CP = Hand + tennis ball in center #53
  • CP = Hand + ball in center #52
  • CP Academy #51
  • I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #50
  • Hi,
    Please have a look. If you need to change anything please let me know.
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #49
  • how about this one? #44