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We came here because we were tired of paying companies for nothing. quick search on the net lead us to this website. have to say you guys really did yall thing and the 3 we chose were exceptional to our likes... SALUTE TO SIRUPABC because he really did his thing from detail as we described... thank you and look forward to doing business again in the future

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Winning design #264 by sirupABC, Logo Design for !Crave Cafe Contest
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designed by sirupABC

Project description

we are a new cafe thats coming close to opening. some of the things we will be selling are pizza crab legs lobster tails steaks ice cream/frozen yougurt etc so you see we have a pretty good menu however our initial phase will be good sandwiches coffee/cappuccino and pastries, its something we want to be dominate as. we have a humidor set up that we will be selling over 300 different cigars as well. we want something in a logo that will bring out our reputation as a sphisocated elegant upscale establishment but not boring or overwhelming at all. we dont want a lot of food floating aroung our project but something clean something memorable and something that stands out with a pop. the exclamatory mark in front of the c (!crave) is worth paying attention to for it is our difference in setting us apart from others that have that name crave. our competitors are local mom and pop bodegas that serve coffee and sandwiches and a subway thats up the block as well as mcdonalds and other pizza shop. (our pizza btw well be personal pies only). our shop will also have 3 large screen tv and free wifi and music creating a lounge type atmosphere. we dont want to be known as a regular cafe but want our establishment to feel as if our guest are here to enjoy a great experience. we would like for this logo to express just that a great experience at a cafe!!! 

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