Cravin' Cajun Cuisine

I very much enjoyed this process and I'm extremely pleased with my new logo design.

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Winning design #148 by KhairulKabir, Logo Design for Cravin' Cajun Cuisine Contest
Gold Medal

designed by KhairulKabir

Project description

Looking for an elegant, unique and classy logo for a new e-commerce store selling Cajun/Creole food items.  Would like to incorporate the fleur-de-lis image somewhere in the image.  Would NOT like the image to incorporate "hotness," pepper or fire.  Would like the word "Cuisine" to be located in a space that would be interchangeable later with other words.  (Example:  Cravin' Cajun Clothes).

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  • Another design for you, hope you like it. Thank you :) #157
  • About #134, @mirzafahadbaig47 Please Give Me Your Feedback
  • About #134, @mirzafahadbaig47 Please Give Me Your Feedback
  • Dear Sir, Sorry for my misunderstanding, attached the logo with thinner font and dark gray. #148
  • I try again with new design, hope you like it. Thank you #144
  • Dear Sir, Attached The Revised designs. #143
  • Dear Sir, Attached The Revised designs. #142
  • unique design #134
  • Hi, let me follow your contest. This is my first design for you, fleur-de-lis with spoon and fork, hope you like it. Thank you :) #132
  • Visit the link below for complete files #131
  • three C formed a tornado effect pasta dough and surrounding a pair of gold and silver fork spoon. two stars marking the level of restaurant #128
  • Dear Sir, All designs are submitted. #122
    • @KhairulKabir Shame on you, you copy even font like in my logo. This is ridiculous... ^_^

    • @Asiral If I had a copy of your design, then now would be automatically eliminated. Moreover, you own the copyright to the font? And I've used those font at the request of a CH of honor. So it's time to think about your own shame.

  • That's what you wanted sir? #119
    • About #119, @KhairulKabir , Exactly...thanks much. Can you upload the black and gold one with the logo and words closer as well? Also, in separate single submissions, can you upload grey/purple and grey/gold combinations just like this one? (The same grey you used in your earlier submissions) I'd like to show options to my folks for voting. This overall design is very classy. Thanks!

    • Thank you to you sir. Of course i will do everything, please wait.About #119, @nathanbland

    • About #119, @KhairulKabir Also, when you upload the black/gold with the words and logo closer, can you see about making the gold in the word "Cuisine" a bit of the word are hard to see as it is currently.

    • @nathanbland Okay

  • Dear Sir, The gold version. #116
    • About #116, @KhairulKabir Wow...I really like this one. Would you mind doing one like this with a bolder purple like you did with this gold? Also, can you bring the image slightly closer to the words? Very nicely done. Thank you.

    • Thank you too you for nice coments,Okay sir i will do. #116, @nathanbland

  • Dear Sir, Revised Design. Feel free to tell your comment. #115
  • Dear Sir, No matter what, I will do everything according to your needs, stay a little.About #113, @nathanbland
  • Dear Sir, Revised design as per your requirement. #113
    • About #113, @KhairulKabir Thanks...sorry for so many requests, but I really like this design and I'd like to get it perfect (at least perfect in my eyes) :-)

      That purple still isn't as dark as what I was would it look a bit darker? Also, on the black and that a true gold? It looks more like yellow. I still like it so please leave it up, but can you try another version slightly darker?

      Finally, can you shorten the bottom of the fork a bit? If you look at images of the traditional fleur-de-lis, the bottom doesn't stick out as much.

      Thanks so much for working with me on this!

  • Dear sir, I have tried with some more color schemes. Feel free to tell me if you want to see the other color. #103
    • About #103, @KhairulKabir Awesome, thank you. Would you please do one in black and gold? I'd like to see how that looks.

    • @nathanbland Okay sir, Please Stay a bit.

  • design #107 in blue-grey colors combination #110
  • design #107 in green-grey colors combination #109