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Winning design #123 by LanaStyle, Logo Design for Create a new logo for Contest
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designed by LanaStyle

Project description

I am looking for a modern web 2.0 style pictorial logo that incorporates the company name "Zen Hosting" with a unique illustration that draws from imagery traditionally associated with Zen / Zen Buddhism. Examples of such imagery could be some kind of Buddha icon or the Yin / Yang symbol. Preferred colors are red/black/white.

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  • Cool, can you a do version of this that keeps the lines but removes the little dots?
  • Dear Contest Holder, I added two different designs. I tried to combine the internet with the yin and yang symbol. Have a look and I hope I'm closer to what you want to have. Thank you, Roberth
  • elements of your design are too similar to someone else's design.
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's.
  • Thanks, I'll put up a couple of revisions/altered versions in the morning.
  • Not sure if this will help anyone, but I have this idea if there was a way that the Yin Yang symbol could evoke both Zen impression and Internet at the same time... like if you could combine the Yin Yang symbol with an Internet type icon like these - I don't know if it would work but I thought it was worth sharing. In any case, thank you all for your hard work and I am certain that we will find a winner as things are going in a good direction.
  • The yin yang fish are interesting and I like the color combination. Can try a version without the dots, or one with resizing/moving the dots because something there seems off to me.
  • Thanks... the icon/image feels overpowering and doesn't give enough of an immediate cultural referance to zen/simplicity for me.
  • Thanks. This feels more Zorro then Zen to me.
  • Thanks. Icon is too big and color is too bright. It's got to be much more subtle.
  • Thanks... this addresses my feedback but looking at it again, the icon/graphic is just too busy to evoke a Zen feeling to me.
  • About #23 Dear Contest Holder, I've made a revision, on my design changing the font and added some color. Font and color are at your choice. Thank you, Roberth
  • Thanks for the feed back ignore #16 don't know where i was heading. #17 I feel is a little more Zen and all text, fonts and sizes can be changed to your liking.
  • This is pretty nice... I like the icon's simplicity, wonder if it could add the yin yang curves/dots and still be simple? I'd also like to see a straight left to right layout.
  • This is better than the earlier one, but the Buddha is still too big and I think I generally prefer a left to right text layout.
  • Maybe remove the .com and try a font combination that is more evenly sized/parallel.
  • This is got a lot of good things going on. I like the colors and contrast.
  • The buddha icon needs to be more subtle... frowning face isn't going to work.
  • I am not sure what this is supposed to look like but the colors aren't working for me and the icon doesn't make me think Zen.
  • Interesting... icon is too big, and it needs to be more Zen and look less like electronic circuits.