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Winning design #225 by ross, Logo Design for Createbiz Logo, Business Cards Contest
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designed by ross

Project description

Design Guidance: We need a logo design for our new company called Createbiz. Createbiz is an "online business school for creative professionals" to learn successful business practices that propel them forward in the marketplace. The logo should be colorful and playful and appeal to creative people. It should convey a sense of success and independence. Please do not use a "tie" in the design. That is too stiff. We want the image to appeal to a creative person. This is an online business school. The overall feel should be professional, successful and fun. There should be a sense of community and gathering of intelligent people willing to help one another and thrive. We need a logo design and also a business card design. Createbiz addresses a need in the market to create jobs via affordable and practical business education. "Createbiz" is the brand name and "" is the web site. We do not presently have a web site up. -- Another thought on creative direction... How about a floating creativity being gathered or funneled into a structure. Without changing the creativity itself, but more organizing it. Combine the artistic imperfection of #127 with the turning flat into a structure of #177 with the visual telling this has to do with creative arts. -- CreateBiz Business School for Creative Professionals Createbiz is an online business school for creative professionals to learn successful practices that propel them forward in the marketplace. Join a creative community of designers, film makers, musicians, photographers, writers and others as we learn how to thrive as a successful independent artist. In addition to online courses and programs, Createbiz also provides a crowdfunding platform to help you finance your projects and grow your business. CreateBiz and prosper. -- Become a better (more successful)... Learn online anytime and anyplace. Learn at your own pace. Get affordable business education. Learn how to effectively reach your customers. Learn how to market direct to fans using social media. -- Createbiz is an online business school for creative professionals to learn successful practices that propel them forward in the marketplace. We provide online courses and educational programs alongside a crowd funding platform. This combination helps creative people thrive. Createbiz addresses a need in the market to support small business and create jobs via affordable and practical business education.

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  • Dear CH, can you check out the #17 and tell me what do you think? Same color psychology but "C and B" are shaped like the sign for infinity :) I hope you'll like it. Thank you
  • Hello, I have submitted #15. Please let me know what you think. thank you very much
  • Hi CH Plz check my entry #13 and its presentation on biz card and an a cd #14
  • I like this one.
  • sorry but dont like the Cb
  • Dear CH. Can you give me opinion for my submition #11? I played with the black and orange colors because they fit on you business. The black color associates with luxury,elegance,power and class and the orange is for enthusiasm,fascination,Creativity and attract attention more than other colors. If you like it but want some changes feel free to tell me :) PS:- for the business card(back side) I put "name,info,info" because i didn't know what to type there. Thank you.
  • YAD
    hello CH, thanks for your feedback.. heres the changes youve ask #8, :)
  • no, too retro
  • also change the tag line to "online business academy"
  • can you also try this with the letters "biz"in a different color than the letters "create"
  • I don't like the icon
  • I don't like the icon
  • Hi Sir, Design #5, i think you are thinking this type of fresh colours and fonts. Please give your feedback. Thank You Vipish TP
  • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback, i have submitted design with adding black color on card, it makes looks good.
  • Dear CH Thanks for the feedback,I really appreciate it. So,I uploaded two more designs (#44 is like #11 only bordered in sphere and #43 is "cb" letters shaped as the infinity symbol made in more artistic abstract form). I'm open for suggestions or changes to make it better :) Thank you.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your rating, is there anything to improve? Please let me know I am more then happy to do it. Best regards
  • We really like this one, especially the one at the bottom. Can you do a bunch of variations on this approach? I would like to see the graphic be able to stand alone as a mark as well. You are our first choice at this point.
  • can you also play around with color on this one. more contrast. inviting.
  • can we see this one without the watermark in the back. kinda distracting.
  • the briefcase is very cliche