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Winning design #276 by arissmun99, Logo Design for createMPLS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arissmun99

Project description

We are a non-profit that provides accessible technology learning programs (robotics, coding, app development) for students who can't afford it and may be unaware of the potential it has for the future of work.

We would like to have a simple design that would be similar to other popular tech companies like Facebook, HP, Dell, Intel, and Salesforce. Incorporating aspects of creativity (like a lightbulb), not just letters in a box, and not putting the word "Create" in a box.
We would like the logo to look sleek, minimal, and not overly silly/playful. An emphasis on the word “Create” would be ideal to emphasize what we’re about and less where we are (there is good potential to expand beyond Minneapolis and therefore would need a new logo do that city/arm of the organization.

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  • @rob11 Please provide feedback #389
  • Could you show me what this would look like with the colors I suggested? #336
    • @rob11 Forgive me. maybe the color is a little different, but I can easily change the color. But what about the shape?

  • i hope you like, please feedback. thanks before #384
  • Thank you for the update. I think the E's need to match or the lightbulb needs to be at the end. Please update if you are able. #317
  • Could you provide a version of this where the M doesn't protrude the C in the logo? #315

    **Disregard, I see you already submitted one like this.
  • Could you shorten the middle line of the M and take out the bottom two lines as well? #349
  • Could you provide an updated version with the C in the logo being completely open? Also, could you make the MPLS font size smaller (but still all caps)? #359
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #361
  • how about this one? #354
  • I hope you like this #352
  • @rob11 ! Hope you like my design sir please let me know if you need any changes in it. Thanks #345
  • please check and comment, thanks #338
  • please check and comment, thanks #337
  • Please check and comment, #336
  • please check and comment, thaks #335
  • createMPLS #334