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Winning design #119 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Creative Sparks Electrical Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

Creative Sparks Electrical is an electrical contracting company

The logo design must incorporate the Electrical Contractor number (EC12004)
The EC12004 must be 50% of the size of the company name
Designs in both colour and black and white

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  • please check my all design....
  • Can you do this in black and white and also green and blue like #60? #83
  • Can you do this in black and white please #154
  • thank you very much for the feedback sir kindly check my revisions i hope you like it
    thank you:) #142
  • Hello CH,.... I already changed the "s",.....I'm so sorry I misunderstood,.... this is the circle shape #137,..I also made an oval shape #138
  • Hello CH,.... I already changed the "s",.....I'm so sorry I misunderstood,....
  • Nice style but needs to be clear as signage will be a moving van #114
  • How about this one?,... #126 #128
    • @jacondsign you seem to have missed what I meant. The spark picture was fine where it was however the letter "s" at the end of the word "sparks" does not look like an "s" it needs to be clear

  • here's the result, please check,.. thank you! #127 #129
  • I really like this, can you do a black on white and an oval shape, and change the last "s" in "Sparks" to look more like an "s" #117
    • About #117, @markomocerino ,..Yes, I'll change this right now,.. Thanks :)

  • Can you please make this an oval shape design, I want it to be clear when on the van while driving #95
  • can you do a black and white version
  • Any shade of blue to match van. #88
    • @chaz19020 Love it, but probably not a "professional" look for a new business!

    • About #88, @markomocerino

      Have electrician's in the family and know how they think. LOL But it's a gutsy call to go with the hand!
      Let me think about something different to make you standout in a more professional way.

  • Can you do this in black on white background? #102
  • Please check the design. If something needs to be changed, please contact me. #81 #82 #89 #90 #92 #93
  • The word "Sparks" looks like "Spanks"
    Also it needs to be easily read while on a moving van, at a quick glance people will see the large font in the middle but not the "Creative" and "Electrical" #68
  • @sharie hey! what is happening here? all my entries were deleted by designcontest because of infraction I received, saying that I copied entry #22 and I took the comment from other designer. I don't understand this! I don't see any similarity between #22 and my entries. apart from it, the comment in this page that i took are the ones that are for me... i don't think i took comment for other designer... This is unfair! please make another review for this issue. i humbly asked your reconsideration.. thanks and God bless...
    • @tjgraphics I have emailed design contest and requested your entries be re-submitted. I think you are on the right track and just need some fine tuning with the font and maybe try some different colours, maybe a neon style.

    • @tjgraphics you know you copied the other designers idea/concept with this!! putting the spark on the text was NOT your idea. You also know comments is not where you complain about infractions. It is not fair to take another designers ideas/concepts it infringes on copyrights! So what will happen now. If you win the contest you WILL split the contest prize with the other designer

    • @sharie Hi, so sorry about that comment yesterday:( That was from my wife and not me. I asked her to open my account to check my contest and suddenly when I opened it again that afternoon here in the Philippines, this was what I saw. And I want to apologize to @hollander too:( Oh and the designs submitted was made by my wife also. I was away from home two days ago for some matter:( Again, so sorry!

  • Please check the retro design. If something needs to be changed, please contact me. #70
  • That's better. Can I see it in blue and green as well as som other colours #61
  • Love it. Can you lose the bit at the bottom of the "k" that goes back under the "r" #59