Vets, pets & communications! New start-up company needs stand-out logo

What a wonderful experience overall! The contest is a fantastic concept and I received an amazing array of entries. The real difficulty was limiting myself to one final choice.... I also have to mention the fantastic admin support I received throughout & following the competition, whenever I had any type of query/question. Thank you!

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Winning design #289 by jasonmoya88, Logo Design for Vets, pets & communications! New start-up company needs stand-out logo  Contest
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designed by jasonmoya88

Project description

This new start-up company needs a logo to attract attention and clearly visualise/encapsulate what the company does.

We're looking for a clever logo that combines the veterinary expertise element with an animal image to help evoke emotion/feeling and provide the link. Ideally it's the company name combined with a visual which works alongside and complements the words, without overshadowing them. We'd also like to add a strapline 'bridging the gap between expertise & understanding'

Font/Style/Colours: Clean, clear, modern & simple in black/grey/green/blue (with hints of additional colour if required to enhance the overall tone)

Overall Tone: Knowledgeable, approachable and warm

Required: Dog +/- cat/rabbit/horse or combinations of these
Stethescope or medicine or similar to evoke the vet element AND/OR depiction of voice/speech bubble/sound waves to ensure the link is created both visually as well as through the words. It's crucial that the visuals don't overpower the words though or get lost/appear too complicated when reproduced in small print e.g. business cards.

We're really looking forward to seeing what you come up with & thanks in advance for your input & creativity!!

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  • Sorry for Wrong name. now i update this file. give a new look. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, no small animals were hurt during the making of this logo!
  • @CONTESTHOLDER like to hear your comment on this one thanks designKB
  • Dear CH Thanks for your comments... made it with a creature! could be a cat, could be a mouse... but whatever it is... it's speaking!! Kind regards
  • Hi, this and no.35 are revised versions of no. 2. Is this heading in the right direction?
  • Hi there, thank you for your design & I like the strapline you've included, but I need to think about it! Also, as this is to be aimed at all animal species, my concern is that by using only a cat it becomes polarising to non-cat lovers....
  • Hi there, thanks for your design. It's a little static for the company vision, perhaps the dog could be howling?
  • Hi there, when you do your revision, could you also make the Vet Voice stand out more clearly from the surrounding sound spikes please?
  • #21 and #22 Hi Carloerbalingit, thanks for the revisions & I appreciate the extra work, but perhaps you'd like to try a new concept based on some of the comments for the higher rated designs?
  • Hi Loissasunta, thanks for trying to incorporate the suggestion - but it doesn't work as well as the original. Would you like to try a new concept?
  • Thanks for the revision, but this is going in the wrong direction now & looks a little more like a stars/stripes banner. Can you try something new?
  • Hi there, thank you for explaining it! Now that you have, I can see it much more clearly & really like that you've incorporated so many different animal species. However, yes please do revise so that it's more immediately clear/obvious when you first look at it.
  • Good day Ch. Please look through submissions #21 & #22, revised options of my earlier submissions (#14 & #15). Thanx for the opportunity to present my work.
  • dear CH here's a new version i tried to incorporate different animals in the design same concept though
  • I really like the birds on the wire and the voices they encapsulate! Also like the paw in the font. Not sure about the colour green and also have a concern about highlighting just birds. As for some of the other comments, I really need to try to appeal across all animal species - that's the particular challenge here really! Looking forward to seeing a revision
  • This is a very similar design to where I started from originally! I like the cat incorporated into the letter V and the font which also hints at animal/feline elements re a tail on the t, but my concern is that by using a cat alone it's polarising to non-cat owners. Can you try again please?
  • dear CH i hope you like my design i thought that birds on wires could look like notes on a pentagram they are singing that's my connection with voice
  • I like the use of the speaker and the idea of a bird casting a vet shadow, but the VET is lost behind the bird and the wording underneath isn't right, but not a bad idea to include a strapline! Can you revise please?
  • Like the use of the 'O' in voice, but feel the detail gets lost in small font. Can you revise with a different play on the letters and more of a link to the company purpose please?
  • Like the simplicity of this and the speech bubble incorporating the paw. Can you revise the colours and fonts please?